F1: Jordan hits Force India with road block

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  1. Former team owner Eddie Jordan blocked off an across road to Force India’s factory in a dispute over land he still owns.

    The Irishman sold his Silverstone-based Jordan team to Midland in 2005, and although the outfit has changed hands a further two times since, he still owns some of the surrounding land to the factory.

    Jordan reportedly had concrete blocks placed across the main access road while Force India were in Malaysia for last weekend’s Grand Prix, with team employees now forced to use another entrance to get to work.

    He told Reuters that he decided to act after waiting two years for the factory owners to enquire about buying the rest of the land with the road on from him.

    "I had to make a stand, they have to come and talk to me," he told the news agency. "I paid for the road and put it on my land.
    I've got no problem with [Force India co-owner Vijay] Mallya.
    "It's the people who are managing the business who don't want to talk." (ITV)
  2. lol, he's been warning them a couple of times earlier
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  4. so childish

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