F1 LM vs. Enzo.

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by HDGEHG12, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. Who do you think would win. Wait let me see...All of you on this forum are so loyal to your Enzo. So i'll put down the stats.

    F1 LM:

    60-0: 103ft.
    300 ft. skid pad g's:1.07g
    600 ft. slalom: 72.8


    Top-Speed:220mph(To my knowledge)
    60-0: I don't know, some one tell me
    300 ft. skid pad g's: Tell me
    600 ft. slalom: Tell me

    Price: F1 LM=1,250,000$

    I personally think the F1 LM looks cooler and sounds better. It also has cooler colors. Mid-night black, Solar Yellow, Sunset Orange.
    It also has a niftly spoiler design/set-up.

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    F1 LM vs. Enzo.

    Well first off the LM was a RACE version, so it is a stupid comparo. But since the regular F1 gets killed by the Enzo Ferrari you have no choice lol.

    But the 0-100 is SO wrong for the LM. And I think McLarens are boring looking. They look like any 80's race car, wow great different design job there....not.

    But anyway your 0-60 is WRONG AGAIN for the Ferrari it is 3.1 sec!!!!

    The Ferrari still beats or matches that RACE version in many categories anyway....60-0 109 ft, skidpad 1.36 g, and slalom 73 mph.

    The LM is a good car, but this is a dumb comparo, McLaren fans need to move on already, the king has fallen.
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    Then a new king shall arise. The Bugatti 14 thingy. Goes 250mph. 0-60 in 3.0. And BTW my F1 LM time 0-100, correction .5.0. Also that new bugatti is 60-0 in 100ft. slalom 73mph. 9's 1.4. Also to let you know I think your a little overportective of the
    Enzo. Its a great car. Looks funny, but can perform.

    Oh, and excuse about the whole king thing.

    The Carrera GT. 0-60 3.0
    top-speed 215mph
    brakes 60-0 98ft.
    slalom 73.4mph
    g's 1.38.

    The Enzo will fall when the true tests of the Carrera GT come.

    Bwa, ha! Yah. New comparo, Carrera GT vs. Enzo. What now?

    Also you do know that the Viper has the best brakes I've ever seen tested?

  4. Re: F1 LM vs. Enzo.

    Nice MADE UP information. I guess you don't know to much. the Bugatti has NEVER been tested, all they have is ONE prototype, all that is estiamted bullcrap. And I read Tiff Nidels report on the Bugatti, he was THE ONLY ONE to drive one, and he said its heavy, not nimble and handles and brakes WORSE then a regular 911.
    And as far as the Carrera GT, agian nice made up numbers. I have read EVERY test, in ALL it loses to the Ferrari. Even in Autocars HEADS UP test at the same track, with the same driver it LOST.
    Stop making up shit, makes you look 15.
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    Its all true. BTW the way loser, get a damn life. I've noticed how often you post on this gay car and how often your on this site. so obviously you don't have a job, are some kid, and have no friends, and all you do is sit in these damn forums! As for me, well I took the day off from work. And I came here, noticed how often your here, so I keep at my posting so I can get it over w/, but no. all you can do is come right back at me 2 minutes later. Stop, get off the computer and go outside for a while. I think thats what i'll do.

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    Yeah OKAY LIER. I am a web-desinger so I WORK ONLINE LOSER. I mean all you do is make up crap anyway. And you post back to me, as long as you do I will post back to you....You stop then I will....
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    If your a web-designer you need to get back to work. And if you like this thing so damn much, and there isn't a car that can beat it in the next 3 years, i'll gladly pay you 50k to go make a down payment for one of these. Lordy.

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    Okay keep that check ready, to bad all 399 are sold lol.
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    Buy one used, when an owner decides to sell it for a ridiculous amount of money. Just like some guy in cali. is selling his F1. Likeanybody will buy it for 1 mil. So,...do you like FireBirds?

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    Yeah I saw in DuPont Registy a 2003 Enzo Ferrari for $1.5 MILLION!!!! They cost $700,000 new from Ferrari, but if you want one you have to pay up lol.

    Do I like Firebirds, yeah, one of my cars is a Camaro SS.
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    I've had 3 FireBirds, never at the same time though.
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    I feel a little strange here but i like mustangs, im guessing that you will make fun of me for it but there actually pretty fast for what they are

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    Mustangs are okay, Camaros and Firebirds are much better cars though. The 98+ LS1 engine is awesome for the money.
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    that is a pretty good engine, the SVT cobra is a cool car but the problem there is theres a lot of power and the car just sits and spins, that's why they dont get such good times. If you want a really high performance engine for a car like a mustang or such i tihkn the best is the 351W, when there bored out to a 408 the can put out like 700HP, and there only like $7,500, but the LS1 is a gppd engine for the cost.
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    Yeah, the 98' and on F-Body LS1 got 0-60 in 4.9 for the FireHawk.

    Thats 335bhp N/A vs. 390bhp SC.

    And the new SVT only got 4.6. The FireHawk comes real close and its not even a forced intake.

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    The LS1's are underrated, my car (a 2000 SS) with just a aftermarket intake and exhaust put down 325 rwhp, thats about 375 at the flywheel. I have headers on it now, she made 350 rwhp....that is over 400 at the flywheel....and she runs low 12's @ 113. :) I can match or beat ZO6's at the drag strip, I love it.
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    Well, keep it up. If you go far enough your SS will beat down an Enzo. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

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    Lol, I ain't spending my savings on it. Low 12's are quick enough for me (for now anyway lol).
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    Yeah, the problem with the SVT is it put's out a lot of power and it just sits there and spins
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    F1 LM vs. Enzo.

    Dude get a life.
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