F1 LM vs. Enzo.

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by HDGEHG12, Dec 23, 2003.

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    Not to mention homosexuality, brain farts, and lack of any car knowledge.
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    Nice one.....The car knowledge riuned it though, i he claims he sufferes from the wretched disease of swearavibrossis...lol
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    If he did, he would do, say that stuff. Not type it. Also the FX concept of the Enzo is way cooler, I think inspiration has struck!
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    I like the FX concept, im just not crazy about the shape of it's back, i like the front a lot though.
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    no question about it Ferrari would kill the F1. On top of the incredible speed the Enzo has it can handle like no other. also it is about half as much as the F1

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    F1 LM vs. Enzo.

    You by far make up more crap than anyone on this site. You dont even know about the car you choose to compare. The F1LM was painted in ONE color, Papaya Orange. It was painted this SINGLE color as a tribute to Bruce Mclaren because he used the color on his Formula 1 and Can Am cars. Also only 5 were ever produced, one for every F1 GTR that crossed the finish line in the 95 Le Mans. Then when you figure your first comparison sucked with the F1 LM you kept going down the list to find one that fit the bill and still failed. Just stop posting and save what credibility you have left which is nect to none
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    Actually the SVT gets about 420HP, the 390 is measured at the ground somewhat, the SVT gets 380-385RWHP. Car&Driver or some other magazine got a 4.5 second run, and 4.5 to 4.9 isnt even close, do you know how big of a difference that is. And you cannot simply say the Camaro is good and the Mustang sucks, becasue, if it werent for the Mustang, we would have NO Camaros, and if it werent for the T-Bird we would have no Corvette...so please don't diss the SVT, its a really great car

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    Where do you get your facts? The 03-04 Cobras have 390 bhp at the crankshaft, they don't put anywhere near that down on a chassis dyno, I have friends with these cars. They put down about 340-355 rwhp. And the Corvette came out in 1953, the TBird came AFTER in 1955.
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    I'd like to see that drag race! It would be tough to tell the winner they are both awesome cars.
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    Do you ever do anything except telling people how stupid they are? Why don't you instead answer the real question the thread is asking instead of starting to talk about the COLOR of the car? Oh, i forgot, the color is really important, afterall, it has alot to do with the performance of the car, right?

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    F1 LM vs. Enzo.

    First of all the post isnt directed towards you so why dont you just shut up to begin with. If the guy cant get something simple as the color of the car right why believe him about his performance numbers for a comparison that is stupid to begin with and one he cant hold as well (had to change the car to compare to the Enzo about 3 different times). I wouldnt make an opinion as to what car I think would "win" in a nonsensical car comparison espically one which was created by someone who cant get cold hard facts straight. By all means go ahead and make assumtions in this comparison, you fit the bill.
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    the king has fallen indeed. but not to the enzo the king......... bugatti veyron 252mph, koenigsegg ccr 245mph, or if they make it chrysler me four twelve 248mph these cars are in a league that the enzo 217mph is simply not fast enough to be in

    the enzo's "PLAYGROUND" would include the saleen s7 200mph+, pagani zonda 220 mph, the mercedes slr mclaren 200+mph or the porshe carrera gt 205mph

    the racing version, if they make it, of the enzo would probaly match the mercedes clk-gtr but would not come close to the mclaren f1 lm
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    incredible speed??? it fast but here is the stats:

    Ferrari Enzo
    0-60: 3.1sec
    0-100:6.7 sec
    top speed:217mph

    Bugatti Veyron
    0-60:UNDER 3 seconds
    1/4mile:dont know?? UNDER 11 second for sure
    184mph in 14 sec
    top speed:252mph

    if your comparing a production car to a modified racing car then:

    chrysler me four twelve: 0-60: under 3 sec 1/4mile: 10.?sec
    top speed: 248
    hennessey viper srt-10: 0-60 2.2sec
    hennessey viper 1000tt gts: 1/4 mile: 8.93 sec

    the enzo losses ohh yeah saleen s7: almost as fast and handles better because it generates the most downforce of any production car ever made

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    Wow dude you're so wrong its not even funny. You're comparing cars that DON'T EXIST now? What is this a joke? The Veyron is just a prototype, and so is the ME Four Twelve. If you read you would know the Bugatti is having many problems and probably won't even see production. Even if it does, it s over-weight non-handler. As for the Chrysler that to won't see production, as per Auto Week last week. The Hennessey Viper is a tuner car that is crude and has TONS of engine falures (read up on it, Hennessey actually is being sued by about 5 owners its so bad). And the S7? Are you serious? Read Road & Track, they tested both and the S7 GETS BEATEN BADLY by the Enzo Ferrari in EVERY test category.
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    Up until this post, it sounded like a freakin 4th grade classroom. Could we stay on topic perhaps???

    I dont kno how well the LM would compare to the Enzo. I dont know enough about either one. Someone needs to do some more track testing, for everything.
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    I know this is old and i probably shouldnt reply, but the 04 cobras put down 424hp, i saw a dyno that a guy did with them against a Z06, which got 408 i think, and the Cobra puts out 500lb ft of tourque, the cobra is underrated for insurance reasons. I no the t-bird came after, but the first vette wasnt gonna sell well, when the tbird came out it was good competition for it, thus upgrading the vette, making it sell good, according to car&driver....on this topic i would have to say that even tho the lm is a racecar the enzo would still win.

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    Dude if you think a stock Cobra put down 424 rwhp you are smoking crack.......thats the biggest load of bull sh*t I have ever heard........thats like 485 horspower at the flywheel.....if that was the case the cars would run low 12's or better stock, not the high 12's low 13's they run.....
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    wow, what an idiot, 424 at the fly, it was like 370 at the rear. They run 12.9, which is respectable. So you need to think before you reply.

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    Retard, YOU said they put down 424...........
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    yeah...u actually did....
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    Kill the F1?!?

    thats a pretty big statement. Well, alot of the reviews ive browsed over beg to differ.

    Incredible speed, i think the F1 is faster (not that top speed really matters, just letting u know)

    Also, u did know that Mclaren didnt make a profit from the F1. Thats how much it costs to produce such a car that expresses engineering excellence.


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    The F1 is the most over-rated car ever. All it has is a high top speed. Its handling and braking are lacking for a supercar.
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    The F1 is not overated. It is the one of the most usable supercars made. Think about it, it was made 10 years ago. Tell me a car that was anywhere in it league then. Nothing even close to the Mclaren F1 was created till many, many years later.

    Even still now, it still holds an edge over the majority supercars.

    A car that takes 6000 man hours to complete and has a fanatical attention to detail cant be an overrated car.

    It also one its La Mans debut, after one day in the wind tunnel for testing.

    I think Mclaren still holds the record for 0-60-0, so i wouldnt say that the breaks are that bad.

    "So, lets not beat around the bush, the absolute greatest car in the world is...... the Mclaren F1"
    - Tiff Needell, Top Gear, 2003

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    Retard, i meant after he calculated what it would be at the fly, you kno i dont have to waste my time with you

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    The F1 doesn't hold any breaking records.......any decent supercar, and for that matter regular sports car can outbrake it....and 0.86 g on the skidpad SUCKS, the car as a whole is way, way over-rated. Sorry, thats how I feel.

    And Cellui456, your clueless, read what you write before you write!

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