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  1. 5 races down, 5 different winners for 5 different teams.

    Shit's crazy.


    EDIT: And the best race of the year, Monaco (#$%# you all) is coming up next. Win.
  2. Well...this is what we're all gonna get from tyre degradation. Sadly, I'm expecting this to last as long as Bernie Eccelstone remains "Entertainment President" of F1. If I'm wrong ANYONE can please let me know.

    But anyways, I guess its been great. Especially to both, Nico Rosberg and Pastor Maldonado, whom finally won their first races of their careers.
  3. Agreed but you'll have to explain to me how Monaco is the best race of the year. I think it's pretty much the worst. Lots of drama but not much exciting racing.
  4. I think I'm going to download Monaco '96 again
    Rain, DNF's all over the place (I think only 4 or 5 cars finished) and a Ligier winning. So good, so good.
  5. Last year was so close to being good.
  6. When people say they think Monaco is the worst I simply cannot comprehend them... like what planet are these people born on?

    Firstly its the most challenging race for the drivers and the toughest on the cars, and its THE #1 circuit where the driver makes the most difference to how fast they are. No surprise that Senna won there so many times.

    Then you have the scenery there that is just awesome, and visually watching these cars fly through the narrow streets is so intense.

    Then finally it is a circuit which naturally produces insane racing action. There has been some bullshit myth perpetuated by the haterz that there is no racing action happening in Monaco. The last several years in particular there has been A LOT of passing there. And every single race in Monaco there is always like an 8-car nose-to-gearbox chain that forms which is seriously awesome to watch (frankly you gotta suck if you dont agree:p), and you can visibly see the drivers' agression in the cars as they pass each other like crazy. And every single year there is always a surprise performer who just makes you go WHOA. Unpredictable.

    Its always the one race that I encourage friends who dont watch F1 to watch, and the last few years I've created a few genuine F1 converts by doing so.
  7. Still, its the same for everyone, so the racing cannot be considered 'manufactured'. More than anything the cars are just genuinely a lot more evenly matched now.

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