F1 sux

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    i agree
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    Next time you Post, give a reasion...a$$hole<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah, I bet watching NASCARs going around in circles for 200+laps is soooo exciting huh???<!-- Signature -->
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    f1 is the best
    u like sum redneck nascar billy bob like ernhartd?
    u have no taste for racing
    michael schmuacher is gonna 7 drivers championships
    u r a red neck
    f1 4 eva
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    I like driving in circles... alot...

    Well, only when i'm drunk. You know you can still drive turning only left when youre drunk?

    Try that going the same speed on an F1 course.<!-- Signature -->
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    notice how that ****** redneck asshole who tries to be a pothead hasnt responded. #$%#in loser. i know u dont even own a car and u take public transportation every day on ur way to the factory.<!-- Signature -->
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    F1 is awesome, as a matter of fact its the mst popular sport in the word. Sorry redneck ass shootin opossums in your back yard isnt a sport. F1 is a lo more sophisticated than nascrap. Cars in F1 cost hundreds of millions of dollars to make and develop and are stil developing every day. On the oher hand nascar uses about 20 grand to buy a cheap ass ford tauus or a monte carlo and go in circles for 3 hours. thats really #$%#in exciting. redneck assholes like you shouldnt even be allowed to own a computer because you are all pieces of shit with no class.
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    What the #$%# are you yaking about? I dont what kind of of pussy shit youre into but dont bullshit F1 because youre pissing me off, you weed smokin mutha #$%#in son of a ***** asshole.
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    I know where you can blow that smoke and it involves a short length of hose.
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    i live in Kentucky so i have to put up with dumbasses like this every day. All i hear about is nascar and it pisses me off. I try to tell them that it takes little to no skill to drive a nascar and that they are pieces of shit compared to F1 cars. I even have to put up with it from my friends. One of my friends tried to argue withme until i took him to the grand prix at Indy adn showed him what real racing is like.
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    nascar sucks my left nut, it is so boring, and they have no skill whatsoever. how can you crash while doing that???<!-- Signature -->
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    I think they crash because they can't handle the "tight" corners of an oval!
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    yeah nascar sucks, but there is a bit of skill to it, not a lot but a bit, beacue all of the cars go basically the same speed, they have to draft to pass other guys, but anyways nascar is a pussy sport
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    f1 sux get a lamborghini diablo or a murcilago
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    umm ok that made no sense but ok!<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from fire starter</i>
    <b>f1 sux get a lamborghini diablo or a murcilago</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    if F1 'sux' please offer an alternative. if your reply is any of: NASCAR, IRL, CART, Drag-Racing then don't bother. I prefer F1 over all of them.
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    It sucks that I can only see F1 on TV. I do go to the quarter mile oval near my house sometimes and watch the shit boxes go around, cause, hp is better in person. Of course the figure 8 is much better. That's what they should do with all those NASCAR vehicles. Get 'em drunk enough, and they'll do it. Any that are left at the end go on to the demolition derby. I enjoy Monster Trucks more than Nascar. I have seen plays that are less boring. Honest, actual plays!<!-- Signature -->
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    nascar is like using 1950s f1 technology. lol. slip streams does nothing but wreck their tires. (nascar)
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    I from illinois and i go through it all the time too. NASCAR fans have this stupid idea that they are the only motor sport on earth, like this one time i was talking with some people in 1999 and they asked me who my favorite driver was. I quickly answered mika hakkinen and got nothing back but blank stares and stupid questions like; whos that? Whats mclaren? I expained and out of about 5 people suprisingly one had heard of schumacher but thought that he raced the Indy 500! Then after they got tired of me slamming their primitive nascar racing they got defensive on a subjet they knew nothing about; No engine can rev that high! No way can it beat a NASCAR v8! Simple physics such as a cars weight and horsepower eventually won them over to see that i was right. But i think i really pissed them off when i told them that jeff gordon wouldnt be good enough to drive for the worst f1 team and that is why he drives nascar. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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    Me to I'm from Illinois and Nascar is GAY!!!!! Ok lets watch some gay looking cars go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and go around and around and around ok now Im' really dizzy. But I mean seriously who likes to watch cars go around in circles 500 times its extremely BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    well, seeing Nascar requires absolutely no skill, why can't just anybody hop behind the wheel and win a championship? Hell, if it were that easy, then yeah, I'd definately sign up to be a driver, and make huge amounts of money.

    I personally don't enjoy watching Nascar, but then again, I don't find F1 that fun to watch either. I don't care what shape the track is, racing for hours on end isn't exciting for me, but then again that's just my opinion.
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    F1 is awesome. Seeing them fly around @200mph+ is cool.
    The only problem with F1 is that the technical regulations are too tight and prevents the cars from making the most of their bhp/kg ratio. Also the fact that F1 is too European although they are trying to break into the US.
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    Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsports because it is so difficult to get a car to do what you want. First, the pilot has to be great. Second, the car has to be engineered beautifully. And third, the engine is a V10 3.0litre engine with hp in excess of 800hp.

    so you tell me what can possibly be better than that?
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    but with the regulations being so tight, then that means the engineers have to find ways to get around that with other means to get the full potential out of the car...

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