F1 teams fail to reach deal with Mosley on cap

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  1. LONDON (AP) -Formula One teams failed to resolve the dispute over a proposed budget cap in a meeting Friday with FIA president Max Mosley, and Ferrari took legal action in a French court to stop the measure.

    Team owners met with Mosley and F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone at a London hotel to discuss a proposal that many teams believe will create a two-tier championship.

    The FIA wants a voluntary $60-million budget cap starting next season. Teams that accept the cap will have more technical freedom than those that don't.

    Ferrari, Renault, Toyota, Red Bull and Toro Rosso have threatened to pull out of next year's championship if the cap isn't overturned. Mosley called the meeting friendly but said the teams plan to come up with a counter proposal.

    "They are going to come back in the next few days,'' Mosley said. "I'm quite optimistic it will get sorted out. Whether it will get sorted out quickly is another matter. If they could think of something better obviously we will take a look at it but I'm very skeptical.''

    Ferrari described the meetings as "work in progress'' even though it filed an injunction in a French court to try to stop the plan.

    Ferrari chief Stefano Domenicali, whose team has competed in F1 since it started 60 years ago, stressed it wanted to compete under the right conditions.

    F1 "is our life,'' he said. "We want to fight to make sure we are in the competition in the right way.''

    The main opponents to the proposal have two weeks to either agree to the terms of the cap, come up with a proposal to satisfy the FIA, or pull out of next year's championship. The deadline for entering the 2010 F1 championship is May 29.

    Mosley was surprised to be told at the meeting that Ferrari had filed an injunction in Paris.

    "I'll be surprised if they get it,'' he said. "But if things go as they should go, they are going to have to make their mind up - if they want to come racing to come racing on the same basis as everybody else.

    "Simply being there and spending more money is not fair. Formula One without Ferrari is not as good as F1 with Ferrari. But it would still be F1 and it would work perfectly well. It's just it would very sad to lose them.

    "If we were to say we can't function without Ferrari they could dictate all sorts. Well, we can't have that.''

    Renault boss Flavio Briatore claims Mosley and the FIA, the sport's world governing body, forced through changes without consulting the teams.

    "The teams are F1, and the international federation should simply be the referee,'' he said. "The rules should be written by us. They can't be imposed by Max without him speaking to anyone. That's an unacceptable way to work. The FIA throws at us a new thing every week.''

    Briatore said Renault had no plans to break with the FIA but wanted to negotiate a solution that the teams and the governing body would accept.

    "We want to be there, to participate, and to preserve the future,'' he said. "We are living in a difficult moment and we must find a solution at all costs. I hope Mosley and his men will mend their ways in order to start over in full harmony.''

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  2. There goes F1..
  3. The budget cap is alright but the two-tier championship is beyond retarded

    Luckily mosleys term ends in Oct 09' so hopefully someone will put him in a old folks home with bernie
  4. So let them quit... At the end of the day, this is Racing, it's entertainment and in reality, it means almost nothing in the grand view of the world. If a team doesn't want to run to the sanctioning body's regulations, then quit and take your money somewhere else. It's as simple as that...
  5. Teams have just got to bite the bullet

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