F12 Berlinetta vs Aventador

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  1. FERRARI - 6.3L V12 730hp, 509 lbs tq, RWD, Redline-8700RPM, 0-60=3.1sec, Top Speed-211MPH, Price ~ $350,000

    LAMBO - 6.5L V12 700hp, 506 lbs tq, AWD, Redline-8500RPM, 0-60=2.9sec, Top Speed-217MPH, Price ~ $360,000

    i know these cars are not in the same category, one is mid engined supercar the other one front engined GT, but still which of these two would u rather have in your garage???
  2. Lambo for me, its just a step ahead of the Berlinetta in terms of looks.
  3. the F12
  5. not really comparible. the f12 is a gt and the aventador a supercar.
  6. the f12 gives the passenger something to look at
  7. i'd take a 458 over both
  8. that passenger speedo seems pretty #$%#ing annoying. just inviting backseat driving
  9. Love how the F12 looks, while I think the Aventador is a step backwards compared to Murcie and Diablo
  10. I kind of like big GTs.
  11. the supercar
  12. I first thought the fighter jet ignition would be tacky, but now I think that it's awesome. Aventador plz
  13. A step back in the style department?
    Im not sure I agree. If I had only seen pictures I probably would agree, but on the road it has some pretty serious presence that even the LP640 never had. It is elegant and jarring at the same time in the same way the countach was. However I wish they could have achieved the same style language but on a body that did not resemble the Murcielago so closely. Its hard not to see it as a third generation murcielago.
  14. Myeah, looks are subjective, I'm aware. I don't like how the Aventador looks, at all. That said, you're the first guy I've ever seen using the word elegant for a Countach. I like the Countach, though. Especially the ultra-tacky 2nd generation.
  15. The F12 is nothing short of GORGEOUS while still looking understated. I like everything about it accept for maybe the rear. The Aventador looks weird and too futuristic to me. I actually liked the design of the Murcielago better, even though it's not as fast.

    The Ferrari wins in this match aesthetically. I think the 599 GTO is equally as stunning as the F12.
  16. This is hard for me to pick because I like both of them.

  17. I would imagine the F12 is more fun to drive so that.
  18. would take the f12 in a second ...

  19. If it was something I may want to drive semi-regularly, then the F12. If it was for sunny weekends and blasts through France, the Aventador
  20. so I pick the F12
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  23. I see a veyron in there too .... where do you think they get the index from ?
  24. I've no idea, although imagine if that site was around 10 years ago. It would have been such a useful tool to use whilst arguing about cars on the internet.
  25. I'd have to drive both to figure it out. haven't got a chance with one of them yet

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