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    360... does it have a F in front?<!-- Signature -->
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    no the 360 modena would blow this out of the water.

    the F355 is a much fitter comparison.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from blaze4eva</i>
    <b>no the 360 modena would blow this out of the water.

    the F355 is a much fitter comparison.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->no no, NSX-r does 0-60mph in 4.4 sec, it weighs about 2800lbs. It has the best steering feel when comparing to all japanese cars.<!-- Signature -->
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    nsx-r empty weight =1290kg =360 Modena

    modena does 0-60mph in 4.3s

    Nsx-r oversteer (from best motoring VCD)
    360 Modena Neutral Steer ,little understeer in very tight corners(from all car magazine)

    Nsx has shoter gear ratio in first 4 gears

    On the road 360modena wil be faster

    Can't wait to see which one is faster on the track

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    Handleing of 360 is better than all road nsx except for Nsx -r,which is identical and f360 Handle as good as an elise,and way faster.
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    he said F360 + Elise = NSX. He wasnt comparing them.
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    The NSX-R won car of the year in Evo Magazine in the UK last month. They judge based on how good a "drivers' car" it is. It beat the 911 Carrera 4S, Merc SL55 AMG, Ferrari 575M and a host of lesser cars like the Ford Focus RS.

    They compared it to last years victor, the ballistic Pagani Zonda S, and actually thought it was just as good, particularly on the track.

    It certainly handles quite a bit better than any Ferrari with the possible exception of the Enzo, but few journalists seem to have driven that yet!


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    Well, how muhc does the Zonda costs? IN Hong ong, it costs over US$500,000, that's about 5 times more than the NSX-R.
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    It certainly handles quite a bit better than any Ferrari with the possible exception of the Enzo, but few journalists seem to have driven that yet!

    you must be kidding, this car won't handles better than the f40 and f50 ,not even close to them.And i doubt this one can handles better than the modena f-1.

  11. Re:

    I'm not quite sure why you all are comparing this with Ferrari's, Zonda's, and Lotus'... this car wasn't origionally meant to be a hard compeditor at the track, just an awesome street car with good track potential: The creation of V-TEC for this experiment says as much... why compare a 3.2L V-6 with cars that have twice as many cylinders and cost at LEAST twice as much? The NSX-R is best compared to a Ferrari F355, as the prices, performace, and luxories are the most comperable between these 2. Honda comes out with a car that's a LITTLE bit faster, just as luxurious, easier to drive, and FAR cheaper than the F355, and all you luzers can do is badmouth it? What a crock! You are all letting pride blind you from seeing good engineering at its best. Zondas are awesome, F50's are awesome. All the cars you have listed here are very cool cars, but hardly comperable to an NSX... it's not the same ballpark, even, HELL, it's not even the same SPORT! Did Yokohama develop a Z-rated tire specifically for use on any of these other cars you've listed? no. Did Bose work with any of these other car manufacturers to creat a 4-speaker sound system developed around the acoustics of the car? no. Honda wanted a truly awesome car, so they went and spent 8 years gathering data and developing the chasis out of aluminum that is as strong as steel. Other car companies have tried numerous times to learn Honda's specialized spot welding techniques used on this car to no avail.

    It's one thing to compare cool cars, it's entirely another to badmouth something you know next to nothing about, and then proceed to explain how 'Ferrari's and Labos, and the such' will waste this thing. NO SHIT, SHERLOCK! Are you proud that you could tell me that much? It wasn't hard to figure out! But this thing will outrun almost any other N/A V-6 on the planet with luxory you'd only expect from Italy, at a VERY good price, and yet it still only gets shit on. Is your 'Engineering Envy' so bad you have to jump right to the $500,000 V-12's to compare the $100,000 V-6 to? That's pathetic and makes for bad conversation. Way to go, jackasses!
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    I'd rather have the 360 if price was the same but since I dotn have the cash for the 360 I'd chose the nsx
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    Certainly 360 Challenger or GT is better compare with the R.

    My amendment is NSX-R + Elise = F360 Challenger / GT.
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    They still dont get it...
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    I'd take a 360 or elise over this anyday
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    Man, you're an idiot.

    Both are superior to the F360 Challenger, they both handle better, and the NSX-R is faster in straightline acceleration.

    But what can you expect from someone with such an ignorant username.
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    hear hear

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