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Discussion in '2010 Ferrari 458 Italia' started by ETB4U, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Every time Ferrari comes out with a new model some has to say its ugly and that Ferrari is loosing there touch... you are an idiot.
  2. Lookswise, I have to agree I like better the 360. Mechanics-wise, no.

    The 458 is one of the best ferrari's made....

    it looks amazing and it performs amazingly, why do you think they made a performance race car out of it you prick

    ...in the mean time go kill every #$%#in person that supports you including your #$%#in #%!@ of a family
  4. And apparently a set of balls slapping your chin. The Italia is a superior car in all facets; looks included.
  5. shoot yourself.
  6. I am a Ferrari fan and I dont think the 458 is crap, older models are very impressive too. Building such cars is not that easy, we are not talking about Hyundais or Toyotas, it takes quite an effort to move forward and use imagination to build such cars.
  7. Ferrari 458 !! Best Ferrari by a long way !!

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