F40, F50, or Enzo

Discussion in '1987 Ferrari F40' started by Blitzschnell, May 22, 2003.

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    Re: F40, F50, or Enzo

    f40 for me... such and unearthly sound its soo excellent.... if uve never heard one check it out on this site: www.drivetoish.co.uk
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    Enzo all the way for sure! The f40 isn't anywhere near the Enzo in comparason of looks and performance!
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    Hallelujah Amen, praise be to the car god: Enzo Ferrari!
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    Why don't you guys like the Enzo. It's so Fu*ken sweet.
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    i think that everyone like a enzo, but they prefer a F40 or F50 above it. Personally, i prefer the F40...

    btw the F40 is faster on a track then a F50 AND A PAGANI ZONDA!!!
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    i think thats all the guys here LOVE A ENZO, but they prefer the F40 and F50 above it. Personally, i prefer a F40 too...that twin turbo engine...

    by the way, did anyone know that a F40 is faster on a track than a F50 AND A PAGANI??? IT IS!!!
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    It's not that much slower than the F50, and not that much different looking. My pick is the enzo.

    Forza Ferrari!!
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    Id pick the F50. But if I could...F50 GT (i think thats what its called). THAT car is amazing. Too bad they only made like 3 of em....
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    The F40 is a serious, serious beast of a muscle car, with an ultra-aggressive look to match, but it is hard-edged, overdone and ugly. The F50 is just as aggressive but, since carbon can be molded, looks way better, and might even sound better than a F355 (but that's quite a big statement), with performance that only a few even know of (hint: makes McLarens run and hide everywhere but a top speed test, and even that's pretty close; don't rip me apart, though - no McLaren with a street-legal engine has gotten past 217, and the F50 will definitely go past 202). The Enzo is a pure mechanical wonder; a true F1 car for the street. If only they had given it the proper 7 gears and 240+ top end to seal the deal. Add a nice, big unpainted carbon fiber wing out back and it even looks proportionally correct.
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    I would chose the Enzo, take a look at this pic of the F50 at the edmonton motorshow.
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    My bad, that wuz the f40
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    I would agree, the F40 is the best but for different reasons. I reckon that if the F40 was an animal then it would be a lion as lions are kings of the jungle. The F40 is the same, it is the king of the motorcar world.
  13. f40, enzo then f50
  14. I would easily take the F40 in the blink of an eye, in my mind it's the last of the real Supercars, and it has soo much personality compaired to the enzo which is just a computer with tires, supercars are designed to be uncomfortable and unpractical and have 0 comprimise which is the very definition of the F40


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    F40. Watch this video and you'll understand why:

    The difference between a pure, bare, unadulterated supercar and a high-tech computerized cruise missile is enormous.
  19. The F50 'cause of the beautiful body work. Sure the Enzo(F60) is faster but the F50 is better looking and more limited than the Enzo.

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