F40 RIP????

Discussion in '1993 Lister Storm' started by Anubis, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. this ripped the body of the F40 so much!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    Never the F40 is for the race track and this will lose for sure.
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    I love the lister storm but it is uncotrollable on the track and the road, in fact the handling so bad and the insurance so high i actually found an advert for 1 in the back of autocar guess how much???

    £25,000 YES THAT IS ONLY 3 ZEROS!!!!

    it was amazingly cheap, but it had been crashed however there was only minor body damage, my dad viewed it with a mechanic the bill would have been £34k to fix it, too expensive for us we couldnt even afford the 25k!! we just wanted to sit in it!!!!
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    The Storm is great, but it's no rival for the F40.
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    I think it kills the F50 on the track, too! But I like the Hamann F40 at least as much.
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    No, he meant rip as in copying, not rest in peace.
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