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  1. F40 is faster!
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    After F50,F40 is faster than Zonda...
    F40 did the standing Km in 20"98 (20"9), the Zonda 7.3l did 20"8 with better start traction: Zonda did 0-50mph in 2"8, F40 did 0-80Kmh (50mph) in 3"27: in 60-150mph F40 is little faster than Zonda 7.3l.
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    ..look the Zonda's Sport Auto test: Zonda did 0-80Kmh 2"7, F40 in 0"57 after, but at 200kmh there is olny a difference of 0"1 (11"2 vs 11"3). So Zonda with ASR has a better traction, but after 100kmh(62mph) F40 is faster than Zonda!
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    ..And look the difference with Murcièlago: Lamborghini start with 0-60Kmh in 0"45 less than F40, but did the standing in 0"52 more...
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    ..The same with the faster Lamborghini: the Diablo GT with short-gears-ratio: Diablo GT did 0-80kmh in 3"0 (0"27 less than F40) but did the standing Km in 21"0 (0"02 more than F40)..
    Look the difference in 80-240kmh time...
    **this is in compare of 550Maranello din Quattroruote test 5/2000
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    Jaguar XJ220

    Motortyp V6 mit 4Ventile/Zylinder
    Motor vorn, Antrieb hinten
    Hubraum 3498cm³
    Leistung 549PS bei 7000/min
    Drehmoment 642Nm bei 4500/min
    BohrungxHub 94,0x84,0mm
    Leistung/Liter 156,95PS/l
    Verdichtung 8,3:1
    Gemischaufb. MPI mit 2 Abgasturbolader
    Räder vorn 255/45 ZR17
    Räder hinten 345/35 ZR18
    Bremsen Si/Si
    LängexBreitexHöhe 4930x2220x1150mm
    Radstand 2640mm
    Spur vorn/hinten 1710/1588mm
    Luftwiderstandsbeiwert cw=0,36
    Stirnfläche 2,09m²
    Luftwiderstandsindex 0,754
    Leergewicht (v/h) 1555kg (641/914kg)
    Gewichtsverteilung v/h 41,2/58,8%
    Leistungsgewicht 2,832kg/PS - (71PS/200kg)
    Verbrauch min/mittel/max 16,5 - 25,9 - 31,0 l/100km
    Beschl. 0- 80km/h 3,1s
    Beschl. 0-100km/h 4,0s
    Beschl. 0-120km/h 5,2s
    Beschl. 0-160km/h 7,9s
    Beschl. 0-180km/h 9,9s
    Beschl. 0-200km/h 12,2s
    Beschl. 0-250km/h ca. 19,0s
    Beschl. 0-300km/h ca. 32,6s
    Beschl. 60-100km/h (IV./V. Gang) 5,9s / 10,0s
    Beschl. 80-120km/h (IV./V. Gang) 4,2s / 7,0 s
    Gangreichweiten 107/166/221/288/370km/h
    Bremsweg100-0km/h 37,2m (2,68s, 10,4m/s²)
    Viertelmeile 11,9s (196km/h)
    steh. km 21,2s (ca. 258km/h)
    Querbeschleunigung 0,98g
    Höchstgeschw. 347km/h
    Preis € (Jahr) 368.130,-- (1992)
    Preis € (heute ca.) 459.744,--

    This is the Auto Motor und Sport test of XJ220: look the standing Km...21"2 @ 258kmh, F40 did 20"9 @ 263!!!!!!!
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    996 GT2 did 22"0 @ 248kmh in the standing Km, Auto Motor und Sport did little better: 21"8!!
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    I can compare F40 also with tuned Porsche: look the 100-200kmh of 996 PSI RTS1.....Standing Km in 20"7 because can 0-100 in 4"1 (0"46 less than F40)...But in 100-200kmh F40 is faster than PSI
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    Also faster Than Gemballa GTR600 and Techart GT Street
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    and also is faster than Koenigsegg CC8S and Edonis (not the McLaren): look...

    Koenigsegg CC8S

    0-30mph = 2.2secs
    0-40mph = 2.8secs
    0-50mph = 3.7secs
    0-60mph = 4.4secs
    0-70mph = 5.1secs
    0-80mph = 5.8secs
    0-90mph = 7.4secs
    0-100mph = 8.4secs
    0-110mph = 9.7secs
    0-120mph = 11.9secs
    0-130mph = 13.6secs
    0-140mph = 15.2secs
    0-150mph = 17.6secs
    0-160mph = 19.8secs
    0-170mph = 22.3secs
    0-180mph = 26.4secs
    0-190mph = 30.4secs
    0-200mph = 35.4secs
    Standing quarter mile 12.3secs/123mph
    Standing km 21.4secs/167mph
    30-70mph through gears 2.9secs
    60-0mph = 2.4secs
    70-0mph = 44m
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    ..and also F40 is faster than 996Turbo tuned like Sportec SP540 and Ruf Rturbo...
    21"0 and 20"9 in standing Km but with better traction (4wd) than F40!
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    handling wise.. the F50 would win, wouldnt be much but its got some pretty extreme handling improvements over the F40, but straight line performance is all shown in the rest of this forum.

    i'd still rather a F40 anyday tho!

    GO, you big red fire engine! (F40)
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    3 cheers to that.
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    You ever been in an F40 LM?
    I have. Amazing!
  15. You see.. although I'm a 100% F40 fan I do have some other figures for the CC8s (straight from the official page):

    0-100 km/h (0–62 mph) under 3.5 seconds - opposed to about 4.4
    Standing quartermile: 10 seconds, end speed 217 km/h (135 mph) - opposed to 12.3/123mph

    I'm sorry, but you do have to admit - there are faster cars than the F40. Although it's still my favourite anyday and against any other car.
  16. OK WTF this post was supposed to be aobut the F40 VS the F50 not weather the zonda is faster why the hell do u ppl bring other cars into a simple comparison ... if your not gunna psot what it is suppsod to be and sjtu complain that another car is better then dont post at all its ruining the experience for the rest of us... no w as far as the comparison goes i think the the F40 looks alot better than the F50 i dono why i jsut lvoe it but i thik on a circut teh f50 would tear up the F40 and it would be a close call on a drag the F40 may have a chance but with as slow acceleration it has compared to the F50 i dono youd have to hit the gears nearly perfect
  17. sorry my bad i meant how sow the acceleration is on the F50 compared to the F40 even with its higher top speed... so on the drag its a clsoe call ... im not sure until i see it im not convinced on anything with the drag
  18. F40 is way better, F50 is s**t
  19. to what?

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