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    I agree it does resemble the F40, and the original Pantera reaembled the Lamborghini Jalpa. But i like this car.
  2. It looks like F40.
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    1991 the f40 looks like it , just like the first pantera ferrari stole the body style<!-- Signature -->
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    Seeing the Ferrari F-40 was made in 1988 that would make this a cheap rip off of the F40 , and seriously there is NO comparing the two.i mean this has a Ford Mustang 302 V-8 .
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    I can see how you say this looks like a f40. But once you take a look at the engines, the price tag, and the facct that one is a ferrari, you would then think these cars are very different.
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    "1991 the f40 looks like it , just like the first pantera ferrari stole the body style."

    You should have to known something about cars before you can talk.
    Stole the Ferrari body style?
    The Pantera, with its distinctive streamlined bodyshell debut'd in 1971 when Ferrari was still making front engine Daytona's that looke like they ripped off the design from Shelby's 1965 Daytona Coupe (or perhaps the design of the 427 Cobra based/Italian bodied 1965 AC 428).
    The Mangusta from which it was derived dated back to the 1960's. It was probably more influenced by Lambo's ground breaking Miura, which was inspired by Ford's GT40 (by the admission of Lamborghini designer Giampaolo Dallara, who saw the GT40 race in 1964).

    Sorry. If you're going to knock a classic car, bring a legitimate gripe.


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    it looks like the F40 in the nose and the rear diffuser but that's it the two cars don't compare in any other ways.
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    I think it resembles the Countach more.
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    Take a look at the classic cars. The pantera has been with us since 1971. So who stole a design?
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    I think this car does look like the F40, although I can't see why they chose to only use the 5.0L Ford 302ci V8. Personally I would have gone with either the 5.8L Ford 351ci Cleveland V8 or the Ford 7.0L 429 Cobra Jet motor. Then the car might have had some credebility as a supercar. But the 302 is not really enough of a performance engine, at least not in my opinion, for this particular car.
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    F-40 cheap ass replica
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    i poop on cheap ass replicas like this one...
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    This is not a replica. If it was they would have at least given some credit to Ferrari.
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    I see nothing wrong with a car that looks like the F40. At least it's similar to a beautiful car.
  15. The 302 is extremely cheap and common, so it's easy for small car companies to buy, use, and service.
  16. Yeah, me too.
  17. yea it does look like the f40
  18. Look I don't car it really does look like the F40 no doubt. But you just can't take anothers car looks to make your own.

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