F430 Scuderia Novitec Rosso 0-340km/h

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    very impressive run
  2. That is INSANE
  3. 120 - 180 in like 1/2 second god damned
  4. scary fast! what are the numbers on that thing?
  5. thats hugely impressive! anyone know the weight difference between the 'regular' Scud and this one?
  6. This one has like 770HP.
  7. 717
  8. Scuderia

    Base Price $257,456
    Drivetrain Rear Wheel Drive
    Curb Weight (lbs) 2975
    City (MPG) 11
    Hwy (MPG) 16
    Horsepower 503 @ 8500
    Torque (lb-ft) 347 @ 5250
    Wheelbase (in.) 102.4
    Length (in.) 177.6
    Width (in.) 75.7

    Novitec Scuderia

    a lot quicker
  9. what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
  10. It accelerates better than a liter bike, much better, insane.
  11. as fast as it was, itd get slaughtered by a stock liter bike let alone a modified one.

    But still pretty quick for a car.
  12. ..up to about 300 km/h, then destruction.
  13. of course the 186mph limiter would come into play with a stock or lightly modded liter bike, but something like a big bore kws k6 1000 which easily puts down 230+ whp (about the same power at the wheel that the 215mph motogp bikes make at the motor) would take it down to any speed.

    Im not ragging on the car here, but its funny how lightly kids take liter bikes nowadays until they run into one and see that they just operate in a different universe of performance.

    Ive borrowed a very lightly modded k6 1000 for a couple of months from my friend and trust me, as it sweeps past 8k in third gear, it goes into time compression mode.
  14. I know a guy who has an SLR 722 and he raced a Hayabusa from 100 mph and won. this Scuderia is probably even quicker.

    though I dont know much about bikes id imagine the Hayabusa is faster than any liter bike now ( in a striahgt line), or am I wrong?
  15. Yep, its slower. Even the 2008 model is slower than all the modern liter bikes. But still its all about the rider on those bikes and it could just be reluctance on the riders part to keep it open all the way above 150mph. Ive only done about 170 on my k6 and it got very scary very quick. The fastest car ive taken down that was racing me was an m6 and I positively left him like he was chained to the ground, all without shifting down from fifth doing 65.

    Anyway back on topic, Id like to see how this car stacks up to those twin turbo Gallardos. I think those Heffner gallardos are even faster.
  16. Nice runs.
  17. 90-250km is insane.
  18. the regular Novitec F430 (not the Scud) was tested by some magazine against the TT Gallardo. not even close. we are talking about 650ish rwhp vs >1000ish rwhp

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