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  1. This would be nice to see...
    Both are fast, and beautifull, but my money goes to the GT
    probably the f430 is faster on the track, but i just love the Ford's look
  2. This would be nice to see...
    Both are fast, and beautifull, but my money goes to the GT
    probably the f430 is faster on the track, but i just love the Ford's look
  3. This would be nice to see...
    Both are fast, and beautifull, but my money goes to the GT
    probably the f430 is faster on the track, but i just love the Ford's look
  4. Well, considering that the Ford GT just barely outperformed the 360 stradale, I think this would blow the GT away. Personally, I dont really like the looks of the GT, but my dad's friend bought one. It is also a ford, Found On Road Dead.....
  5. "Ford GT just barely outperformed the 360 stradale"

    I suggest you pick up the January 2004 C/D issue and on page 50 you will find the stats of the Ford GT going against the Ferrari Challenge Stradale and the Porsche 911 GT3.

    some of the stats :
    GT 360
    0-60 --> 3.3 4.0
    0-100 --> 7.6 9.5
    0-150 --> 16.9! 23.9!
    1/4m --> 11.6 12.4

    And on the race track, the GT was more than 2 seconds faster, which is a considerably large number.
    Now, with those stats, the GT did not JUST BARELY outperform the Stradale. Frankly, it smoked the hell out of the Ferrari. Don't get me wrong, I'm a ferrari fan but i also respect the numbers which they don't lie because they are not the mfr claims, they are results of tests.

    Now getting back on topic, will the F430 be faster than the GT? I don't know, we'll have to see how it performs on the track, because based on the numbers here it seems like the GT has the upper hand.
  6. i think it would be a very, very, very close race. both look great, both perform exalante (i cant spell...). It would be a very close race.
  7. i hate the ford gt with a passion, but considering the gt has almost 70hp more than this, id have to say the gt would take it.
  8. The Ford GT has derivative styling (it's one thing to invoke family identity or go 'retro'- it's a little much in this case), and seems to barely outperform the Ferrari 360 which had been largely unchanged for the past 4 years. Most importantly, the Ford GT is supercharged. Can you imagine what the F340 would be like with forced induction?

    Kudos to Ford for the GT, but I would've rather they put that effort into making independent rear suspension standard on the Mustang GT.
  9. Seriously? Is this even a comparison worth talking about?

    The 550 HP GT would litterally lay the smack down on the Ferrari, despite it's increased HP to a near 500 rating.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Ferraris and everything that has to do with them. But when it comes to defending my American pride and joy, the GT just has it beat. But is the GT really the best compeditor to the F430? I mean, the GT is damn near running with Enzos and Carrea GTs.

    Considering other cars out there, and soon to be out there, the F430 had better look towards the SRT-10 Viper and upcomming Corvette Z06 replacement. Judging by current reviews and speculations, the Ferrari would have an easier time playing with the Viper than the Vette, as Corvette engineers have allready promised GT-beating performance in the new Z06.
  10. Even though I don't like Fords, it does hold it's nickname "The Ferrari Slayer".

    If I had to pick which to buy, I'd still go with the Italian exotic.
  11. Did you just miss what Skylimit or whatever their name was just said. They also did a Test in Motor/Wheels and it flogged the 360 Challenge Stradelle. I think it would be close but I still believe that the GT would win.

    So your bagging it because it stayed close to it's origin. People would have been complaining about it if they had named it the GT and it wasn't looking close enough to it's origins.

    Honestly I am not sure on the pricing of the GT but I am sure it is considerably less than the Ferrari.
  12. I hate the ford GT, the f430 would win
  13. Ferrari for me.
  14. I hate to break it to you but, although I was born and raised mostly in the US as well, american cars can't keep up with Euros and the GT can;t touch the Enzo. the Enzo driver will be laughing at the #$%#ing hillbilly redneck in the GT as it destroyes the piece of shit ford in no time. furthermore, even the more modest 430 modena can obliterate the brokemobile GT, since the GT can barely beat the 360CS which is much slower than this.
  15. well... the stradale is a street legal race car, sorta like the GT... so thats barely fair given the powerplants on the two... the GT has torque and power cause of the SC... the 430 would do nicely in stradale form but its a luxury sports car while the GT is a balls out racer. so the comparo isnt totally fair but i'd put my money on the GT. and 360's go for much closer to MSRP then the GT... the GT is very exclusive comapred to these ferraris (430 when it comes out on the US market, its gonna be the main seller like the 360 is now).
  16. "the GT can;t touch the Enzo" (quote from 'MADE IN ITALY' guy)

    On the straight? it can surely touch it. (both cars 0-60 3.3 seconds)
    On the track? I doubt it.
    on the price? The Enzo is put to shame...

    Ferrari--- $659,430
    GT-------- $149,000 (both stats on the C/D july 2003 issue

    In other words, a comparisson between these two cars is not fair. Imagine if Ford tried to put more money into the car....say a complete carbon fiber body (like the Enzo), which would increase the price by...lets say at most $50K then I would be very sure that the GT's acceleration would be better than the Enzo's (not sure about track) and still cost much less.

    "the Enzo driver will be laughing at the #$%#ing hillbilly redneck in the GT as it destroyes the piece of shit ford in no time"
    let me add this:
    -while the GT owner will have enough money left to:
    ---hire playboy chicks in his huge parties
    ---or to buy an extra super car (Carrera GT, or Saleen S7, or Murcielago, etc.)
  17. ---or buy a nice house or two
    ---or donate the extra $510,430 for education of homeless kids so that they can too one day have the opportunity to afford such cars.
  18. as far as supercars go, the GT is the deal of the millenium... other exotics in its price range like the gallardo, f430, and porsche turbo just can't cut it in terms of performance, and all of these cars have similar exclusivity, just no exotic name for the GT... the vette is a better performance comparison to the f430.... and its like 1/4 the price...
  19. n00bs fvkin suck
  20. who u calling a noob?
  21. What? Are you a complete idiot? What the hell do you think American cars have been doing over the past few years...decades?

    No, the GT is not a direct compeditor to the Enzo, but it could hold it's own. But against cars such as the Carrea GT and McLaren SLR, the GT can give a good ol American whoopin any time it pleases.

    Barely beating the Challenge Stradale? Where do you europeans get your information? The GT blew one away in Car and Driver, no comparison...The CS has lost to the Porsche GT3 in Motor Trend...

    Don't get me wrong, I love Ferraris. The 275GTB and Daytonas are among my favorites, but the GT can take just about any modern pasta-burner out there.

    Never doubt what American cars can do. Just look at what the ZR1 Corvette and Viper R/T-10 did throughout the '90s...They were able to capitalise on their PPD, and take out the european competition...How about the current Z06 and SRT-10? The Caddy lineup seems to be beating up on BMWs and Benzes in different comparos, and Ford has actually been building cars good enough to compare to some euro models...Look at the 300C, although it has some Mercedes parts, it is totally American in every way, and has also stuck it to the europeans from Audi and BMW.

    To say that we "rednecks" can't put up a good fight is completely ignorant, as we have been doing so since the early '90s. If you want to do some car comparisson, I suggest a $53,000 Z06 against a $160+K Ferrari 360 Modena...Check the stats, the Vette takes it.
  22. "as far as supercars go, the GT is the deal of the millenium... other exotics in its price range like the gallardo, f430, and porsche turbo just can't cut it in terms of performance"

    I was with oyu until the Porsche turbo thing. Personally, I think Italians suck at making road cars (purpose built race cars yes, but road cars, no). Everybody I know who knows a LOT (I live in Indianapolis and I know people in many kinds of race teams) absolutely love German cars. Actually Porsche above all else. They have the performance (the last 911 turbo beat a mercialago EVERYWHERE except top speed, I have the magazine that tested it) and they don't cost INSANE amounts of money. BTW the Carerra GT is every bit as fast as the Enzo. Read what people who have actually driven it say, not just numbers on this site (which are wrong ALOT).
    On the GT vs. Ferrari thing. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!
    2 seconds a lap is ALOT!! Also it wasn't a very big track (lap times in just a touch over a minute with roadcars, thats not big). Therefore it didn't have huge straights for the HP and torque (and tall gearing) of the GT to stretch out. That should have been 360 territory. But, it wasn't. The GT will have a harder time with this, but it'll still prevail.
    Also, the 360 BARELY won against a NON-TURBO PORSCHE! Which cost half as much BTW. Bottom line if you buy Euro, buy from the ONLY country over there that knows how to make real cars and buy German. It'll be a cold day in hell when an Italian company racks up more LeMans wins than the Germans (Porsche owns the crown and Audi is STILL cleaning up in GT).
  23. you know what the ford gt is an awesome car, and so is the 360 modena/cs but now the f430 comes out? this should be good but for now the hard true figures that the gt has put out are hard to beat ,...... only time will tell.
  24. actually the Enzo's 0-60 is 3.0 as tested by Road&Track and 1/4 is 11 flat, so no the GT cant keep up. but it's not meant to, as you said it it costs about 4 times less, and it kills anything else around that price.

    also, if you buy an enzo it probably means you'r a multimillionaire, so you have plenty of money for #%!@es left over even after dishing out 650 grand, whereas the GT buyer is probably a broke redneck who's been saving all his life so he can buy a fast Ford and say he can beat 360 modenas.
  25. if porsche racks up lemans wins it's probably because they crowd every damn race with their cars. lets face it, the GT class is usually all GT3 RSR's or whatever except for 2 360's and maybe a Morgan, so yeah it's not that great of an accomplishment. also, Italians made some serious street cars besides the super-overpriced exotics, like the 156 GTA, 147 GTA, Delta Integrale, and even good economy cars like Abarth Fiats for under 10-15 grand.

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