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  1. sorry man but the GT cant put up with pasta burners like the Murcielago, Diablo GT, Zonda C12S 7.3, Bugatti EB110; and I realize those are all far more expensive and pretty much a RIP OFF but that doesn't mean they can't ourperform the GT.
    Also, at least Italians try to inmprove on their technology while we're still slapping 8.3L (!!!!) v10's in our cars. It might be cheaper but its also ridiculous, my dad's conversion van is only a 5.7!

    and yeah the GT's engine is kinda said, a Supercharged 5.7 that don't even make 100 hp/liter? the Koenigsegg gets 660 out of 4.7 or something like that.
  2. the koenigsegg is also twin intercooled but thats not the point. the GT performs with some of europes best and gives you enough $ left over to tweak it and blow them away. but you dont get the fancy exotic name and huge price because exotics lack the financial backing of a huge company like ford.
  3. agreed. a freeflow exhaust, titanium valves and some engine management on the GT would produce some serious results
  4. First, consider that the 360GT must obey fairly restrictive GT rules- think of it more of a sharpened 360 Stradale then a true ground-up clean-sheet race car design. And frankly, I don't care what Ford decides to do with their heritage so long as they make a decent sports car. Remember- while the GT40 was a heck of a racer, the street version was everything you hate about a homolgomation special.

    Also, I've noticed a lack of respect bordering on disdain for cars other than the poster's particular favorites. Can't we all just get along? There are plenty of fine sports cars out there, tailored for every taste imaginable. In terms of which is faster, well, that's what endurance racing is for.
  5. hummm, OK fine
  6. why would you spend so much on an ugly car like the gt.which is a ford(craptastic car).when you could spend 1/2 as much on a skyline r-34. with just 15g's you could get it up 2 about 900hp and 850lbs/tq ez.
  7. Ferrari fool, the GT is realllllly nice looking but this will win
  8. LOL ur trying to sound smart! its so cute... not. Can u do me a favor? go back to those comparisons and look closely! the GT-2005 stats vs. the 360-2000... wow fair huh? Ford really does rock! 5 years later...
  9. wow ur a wierd person... while racing supercars... horsepower rarely matters... unless its crazy different... ass...
  10. A GT-R has it's applications as do the Ford GT. 1/4 mile times- these Skylines, Supra's, NSX's dominate these competitions;drifting etc.. Put a 900hp GT-R against the 430 on a full out race scenario with turns, and all that horsepower in the Nissan can't mask the fact that the steering, suspension, brakes, chassis, transmission, ergonomics and aerodynamics are absolute garbage when racing against ferrari f430.
  11. The only reason I would pick the GT over the F430 is because it's rarer and more exclusive. Apart from that, I would pics a Ferrari over almost anithing.
  12. Can't understand those who find the GT beautiful. Maybe its because you like the retro design but i really dont like it. I'd take the F430 and even the 360 over the GT. Maybe it has better stats, but who cares if the gt is faster than the F430 by 0.6 in 0-60. I dont need that. Its still a ford. I rather say: I drive a FERRARI than a Ford.

    BTW, I love the F430. I think its one of the best ferrari ever made behind the Enzo and F50.
  13. Do Not Know
  14. The producers of the GT are now saying that the 2005 Ford GT will have slightly improved specs then they previously planned. 500-525 to a possible 530. They also pointed out that it would have a higher power to weight ratio. They also pointed out that the weight would be reduced and they would apply a new suspension. They said that the GT was already tested (2002). It went off the line at 3.8 and a top speed of 198.75 mph. Then they said the tested the GT that they decided to change and it managed 3.5 off the line and a top speed of 208.10 mph. Depending on what model you are talking about the GT would win.
    The newer GT would cost about 10-15 thousand more which I have to say is pretty good. All this information was on a TV show on Digital cable channel 27 about 6 months ago.
  15. The Ford GT was 3 secs faster than a Modena (not stradale) around laguna Seca, this was on some discovery channel thing about the Ford GT with 2 different drivers who were both third party. So I'm guessing this thing will be quicker/.
  16. The GT NEVER ran 3.3, nor will it ever.

    The Enzo would absolutely destroy the GT around a track. The 430 would have little difficulty beating the GT, and the GT does BARELY beat the 360 Challenge Stradale, I can show you quite a few track times if you like.

  17. I Think it was Evo (or Car, i forget) they got Damon Hill (spelling?) to try the Modena Challenge Stradale against the GT. He preferred the GT. But then again, he had just bought one... and needed some publicity for his car club....

    But, i think the reason why the CS might be slower round the track is that the paddle-shifts are column mounted! So, when ya turn the wheel, the paddles stay at 3 and 9 o'clock, rather than staying inline with the the two wheel spokes just at fingertip reach, A-la, M3, most arcade games (hahaha) etc. Which means ya can't change gear properly in a corner, which is a bit stupid. If they're gonna do paddles for the link to F1, at least make them wheel mounted so people can actually change gears properly, or give 'em a choice of ya standard clutched manual. Damon noticed that.

    I reckon if ferrari got their act together, by doing something as simple as moving the paddles to the wheel, more exit speed could be generated out of the corners, coz ya can actually go through the short gearbox without taking your hands off the wheel!

    Props to the GT, ford has made a successor to the original ferrari killer, but i'd pick a SCREAMING fazza V8 over a rumbling torquey ford v8. Just personal pref.

    Forced Induction is a bit boring. Gimme N/A engines! Sharper throttle response, no delay when ya put ya foot down.
  18. And the GT was about .3 seconds faster than the CS around Top Gear's track.

    The specs for the F430 are in. Impressive as they are, they do not stack up to the GT. The GT is simply faster in every category.
  19. PAGANI ZONDA F! all i gotta say ... kill ferrari or gt
  22. n00b
  23. The ford gt is a great comparison to the f430 with the v8 engine and

    similar 0-60 speeds but take in factor that this a ferrari with well

    thought out technology. Also its a ford it takes 8 miles to the gallon
  24. Ford GT of course. It's just Ford. But when we're talking about the Enzo. ENZO ALL THE WAY!!!

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