F450 spied w/ no camo

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by dolinc, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. It looks terrible, so bloody Japanese yet again.

    Give me a 348/355 any day of the week.
  2. Enzo/F50
  3. Honda HSC
  4. I'll wait for the Enzo successor plz
  5. Looks like Zonda and Lotus Evora to me, pretty awesome though.
  6. ffs learn how to make a thread.
  7. good luck with that
  8. Looks good so far.
  9. Very Paganiesque as said before
  10. The proportions are very supercar-ish. Short cabin, long engine compartment, you know.
  11. Seriously?!

    You've made it known in the past the Ferrari have lost the plot with their design. This is the render that restores your faith?

    I look at Lamborghini and Zonda and Alfa Romeo, and those cars are genuinely beautiful. This looks not good.

    I can honestly say I'm no longer a fan of Ferrari. I don't even remember anymore how I came to love Ferrari in the first place. That's how long ago I've liked the look of a Ferrari.
  12. meh

    but what can you expect from the entry level Ferrari
  13. the sideview is elegant and flows with the design. I didnt say my faith is restored, just that I may like this car when all is said and done.
  14. I guess my taste has transitioned to cars with more aggressive lines.

    I though the Enzo was a showcase for Ferrari's styling direction. It seems I was wrong, it's the California. *shudder*
  15. your going to be waiting for a while
    a long while like they need to get the 450 on the roade first then they can work on the "F70"
  16. not liking it
  17. Loving what i'm seeing!
  19. Is that a pop-o-matic bubble? 8D
  20. the back is broken
  21. i wana see what the fount end is going to look like
  22. f450 was a ford
  23. w/ no camo
  24. The Enzo looks disgusting, buddy. This is waaaaay hotter.
  25. Not really feeling it. It looks like a kit car, or a lightweight track car. Looks fast, but it doesn't really have any presence, or personality.

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