F450 spied w/ no camo

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  1. No such person on sc net.
  2. renault V8
  3. I haven't seen burner in a while...
  4. F430: 8.5
    F430 Spider: 9.5
    430 Scuderia: 9.5
    599: 8 (nice but it'd be better)
    612: 6 (front: 9 ; rear: 3)
    California 7.5(?)
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  8. kudos to who ever took those pics of the crash test car doesn't revile much but it looks good form what i can see i cant waite to see it in person
  9. Looks like ferrari wont let czechs get their next model.
  10. That Motor Trend rendering actually looks quite cool. Although a bit too Arash GT-like IMO...
  11. Kind of Pagani-ish greenhouse
  12. Getting such a Zonda vibe from how the green house melts away into the the rear haunches. Should look superb.
  13. i like what i've seen so far. they better not mess up the face and the arse - it's going to have california rear lights isn't it?
  14. i heard its going to have a four banger............with a hybrid engine..........and four turbos...........and 4 seats...........and a rocket launcher.......
  15. Bit of SP1 for anyone else?
  16. a little, but that is a fioravanti design.
  17. I see what you mean: trubochargers. But in the engine pic of the link in the first page, the tube setup sure look of an atmosferic engine...
  18. seems really nice!
  19. Damn, why is that chick's face blurred out? She has potential.
  20. Yes, she does!! :D

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