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Discussion in '1995 Ferrari F50' started by F Enzo, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. Which colour do you prefer on the F50?
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    Better pic of the Blue one
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    errrm.... definately that silver. i looked at the others, and then the silver one, and a little shiver went down my spine and the hairs on my neck stood on end. great lookin in silver.
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    Yellow with black headlights.
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    Yellow or red.
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    sHIT brown cause thats exactly what this car is. Go NASCAR!!! kNOW WHY fERRARRI doesnt race in NASCAR? ITs because they know Ford will kick there asses! There SCARED!
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    DAMN IT BIGDUMBASS!!!!! its all alright to live up to your name, but nascar is for pussies who cant drive a real racing cars like a ferrari. HANDLING IS WHAT WINS A RACE!!!! if you have a 150 bhp car, but it weighs about 400kg, and has great handling, its gonna woop any heavy cars arse. i'd like to see a nascar race a race prepared ferrari. nascar will die.
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    F-U-C-K YOU! Im the only one on this entire damn website who has a #$%#in CLUE about anything. NASCAR IS THE HARDEST RACIN ON THE PLANET AN MOER PPL WATCH IT THAN ANY OTHER SPORT. I done got my G.E.D. so i know what im tellin you is true. ferarries are for #%$gots. nuff said!
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    Back again with another stupid comment..... It`s BigDumbass!

    Get this - NASCAR is without a doubt the worst racing ever! Only sad, little, inbred, cu*ts like the stupid thing!
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    okay....since when did Ferrari ever make a sedan?

    please elaborate...and NO...the 456GT is not a sedan.
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    only rednecks say "I done got my..."

    get a life

    rust-stangs are piles of hit compared to this....get over it...Ford will never be better than Ferrari (yes, the GT40 and the GT are exceptions....but you're not talking about them)
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    Look, kid, do everyone a favor and SHUT THE F**K UP because you have no clue about what you're saying. Nothing but SHIT comes out of your mouth you dumb F****T.
    And NASCAR is for idiots who don't know how drive so you can TAKE YOUR NASCAR, TURN IT SIDEWAYS, AN STICK IT STRAIGHT UO YOUR CANDY ASS!
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    Yall just jelious. its okay. You dont have to be jelious of me or NASCAR for being better than all' you. WHY DONT YALL GO BACK TO SCHOOL AN GET YERSELF AN E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N??! PISS ON FERARARI! GO FORD!
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    what's that?? - insert sarcasm here
    you are an idiot
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    "jelious?", "Ferarari?"
    And you're telling us to get an education?
    Maybe it's you who really needs it.
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    Don't even bother to reply to big dumbass that's the only way he can have a conversation when people tell him to get #$%#ed
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    You little pussy! Nascar is driving in a circle a thousand times going maybe a little faster than a ferrari in the big mile circle. WHO GIVES A ****! did u ever hear of football where there is something called the super bowl? or baseball ther is something called the world series? anyways..nascar cars are these huge bigass soupedup cars and ferraris are originally beautiful. if they were souped up as much as those nascars they would be the fastest engines in the world..but ferrari almost never does that..because they wanna keep it real! i bet if a shitty senior citizen ford taurus was kept normal and then they raced against a regular ferrari just maybe the ferrari might have the edge in winning! never compare a nascar to a supercar because supercars arent usually soupedup xcept for a good company that makes it look sweeter and stuff. and nascars r the cheapest and shittiest cars souped up..(ford taurus, chevy monte carlo) im not calling the monte carlo shitty im just calling it slow. so the motto of the story is.. neva insult a ferrari like that again you *****!
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    o ya...and my color is yellow or red
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    Yep. This kid is nothing but a little cock-ass who cannot get attention from anyone.......but at least he's smart enough to know that this will definitely get him noticed......but that's DEFINITELY where his intelligence ends. Anyone else agree?
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