F50 ova this anyday!!

Discussion in '1996 Lamborghini Diablo VTTT' started by Koenig Ferrari No1, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Throw twin T4 Turbo's on the F50 and see what happens then, the Koenig F50 would shred this
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    first off hot shot learn to spell. this is america! i understand your 'slang' but grow the hell up. your stupid and no f50 is gonna beat this VTTT. Do you even know what the hell "VT" stands for: Vicious Traction. and the VTTT stands for Vicious Traction Twin Turbo. When a cars name is Vicious Traction you knows its bad ass. As a matter of fact i hope you get run over by one.......
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    I agree that the VTTT would rule over anything that Ferrari can put on the road, because well, lets face it, the Diablo is the ultimate but one point for reference, I think you'll find VT stands for Viscous Traction, leave out the 'i'. But yes, I guess it still does have Viscious Traction as well. What else would you get with 335/30s on the rear . . . :)
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    I didnt know VTTT stood for Viscous Traction Twin Turbo. That does sound Bad ass, hell just the name scares me.
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    It will #$%#in scare you specially the Grant Lamborghini twin gt1 turbo give a f u c k n 2500hp!! forged piston, cutom rod,crank etc. the crazy installer sell their project car i think for $1.8+ M. babe. A piece of shit can out run anything! and still every day use! it has A/C, sounds #$%#! some installer are really out of thier mind! who the f u c k bought the car???
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    You stupid wieners. The name can be as vicious as you want it to be, but the F50 would smoke it just the same. Stop being dumb and retarded at the same time.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Endocles The Mighty</i>
    <b>You stupid wieners. The name can be as vicious as you want it to be, but the F50 would smoke it just the same. Stop being dumb and retarded at the same time.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I have one thng to say. If you add another 150000 to tis car im pretty sure that it could kill an f50 and if you were wondering where i got that number look at the price of the two cars you are comparing. Lamborghini puts out a better product fora lesser price.<!-- Signature -->
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    Both nice, both V12's, both twin turbos, both around 850bhp, i'll take both
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    come on a lamborghini is the best... why in the world would you wanna compare a ferrari with a lamborghini.? for god sake come on. Lamborghini should not be named in the same sentence with ferrari. Toooo much pride has gone into lamborghini's.
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    i would rather have the f50 but this would probably win in a race<!-- Signature -->
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    Hey now. this thing may more traction than the F50, more horsepower, and more performance, but the F50 is an engineering marvel. It is a work of art. And last but not least, in ten years this car will be an overdone Diablo and an f50 will be a legendary F-car. hope no one was offended, because none was meant.<!-- Signature -->
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    gee...i wonder......is there enough t's on the side of the car?

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    Gee, go see F50 Koenig.<!-- Signature -->
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    its named viscous traction for the traction 4wd coupling. maybe its cuz im italian, maybe im biased, who knows but its an affair of the heart when i see a lamborghini. no other way to put it. i really could care less which would win in a race, and the f50 is nice but i really would take the lamborghini. fell in love with them from the start. cant explain. is anyone else this crazy bout cars or a car?
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    I would take the F50GT, or the F60 over this anyday. Both of those would probably outhandle this quite easily, especially the F60
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    A F50 would be a great match for this car. Lamborghinis were never originally designed for track use, they are designed to turn heads and be fast as shit. Ferraris are designed for the track, depending on what type of track, how tight the turns are and how many either car could win. A Ferrari would beat it if there were a lot of corners, and lamborghini would beat the ferrari if there weren't.

    Although personally i'd take this car over an F50 anyday, cuz this car is one sexy beast. (Although take a look at that koenig tt 550 marenello, that gives this a run for its money)

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