F6 Typhoon 0-100

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by fordfalcon, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. Stuff.
  2. No kidding...?
  3. anyone read the latest Wheels magazine?
  4. Yes they rate the F6 well.
    How they were talking about the NM, after 3500rpm i think this car is a bit of a beast with a temper.
  5. oo yea, better in gear acceleration (80-120km/h) than both the FPV GT and the LS2 powered HSV Clubsport... in every gear. pretty dam impressive.
  6. That doesn't necessarily mean crap...it could just be that the gearing in the F6 suits that speed and not the other 2 cars.
  7. yes, but winning is winning.
  8. I don't know if youv'e realised but the Typhoon is slower than the Vy SS(Ouch).
  9. I wouldnt call the superior overtaking speed from 1 given speed a win when its slower every bloody where else.
  10. its slow of a launch by the sounds. read some magazines then come back to me.
  11. I do read the magazines, take it all with a grain of salt too. I might start believing them when they start becoming more credible and consistent.
  12. You're just a #$%#ing sore loser.

    Wheels said that the rubber laid down on the track made it near impossible to get the cars away cleanly. They had to take off basically off idle so they wouldn't get bags of wheelspin. The Clubbie still should be quicker, but this explains why all of the cars got such slow times.
  13. I wasn't talking about that comparison in particular...I havent even read all of it yet. I was referring to the last 2 years of inconsistencies that I have read.

  14. The last 2 years of Holdens mostly losing.
  15. No, 2 years of inconsistent bullshit that contradicts itself 2 issues down the track.
  16. Yes they have been inconsistent; I would say that this is mainly because of different reviewers.

    Here is a quote i liked from Wheels latest article, this is where they were driving on the hills north east of melb:

    "the F6 wrestles the advantage back from the V8s and turns the tide. Its not a big win, nor does it romp away, but slowly it gaps the others."

  17. Yes like that guy from motor hallenback who hates aussie cars and marks them down during pcoty for example.
  18. Cars from overseas are ranked higher in PCOTY because they are better. FACT!
  19. Except for that single editor, the other editors don't go in with that approach.
  20. HAHAHAHHA!!!1 You were joking right? This car weighs f**king 1800 kg (around 4000lbs) I could out accelerate this thing on my bike.
  21. The VY Clubsport R8 made the final six in this years PCOTY, it also won BFYB a few years back. A real hatred is the feeling i get from Motor towards Holdens.
  22. What are you on about. The Xr6 Turbo and the Gt were 1 and 2 in that Muscle car test. I don't think theyre biased to either company.

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