FABIA VRS, 480NM next step?

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  1. This car has already been chiped by Steinbauer and remaped by Jabba Sport
    Sachs clutch
    Miltec CAT+ exhaust (and the cat's been smashed out)
    Green long life filter with ibiza air intake pipe
    Audi TT front brakes
    Eibach lowered springs
    Bridgestone Potenza's
    Jabba Anti roll bar
    Powerflex polyurethane bushes
    Seat Sport strut bar
    and we think NOS pipes.
    Its about 190BHP and 480NM of Torque (the traction control carn't stop it spinning in third).
    whats the next step?
    was thinking of replacing the PD130 turbo for a 150, forge front mounted intercooler and another re-map by Jabba for the new turbo.
    Did consider 4wheel drive and wrc body kit,
    what do ya think?
  2. I think I love it
  3. Go TDI go.

    Though I've read a ton about aftermarket oil'd filters really killing the MAFs...
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    This is a video of it being dyno'd when we applied the Steinbauer chip, they said that it should amplify any signal being sent from the ECU which had already been remaped by Jabba sport. The result was way too much fuel being dumped in ,loads of excess black smoke, top speed of only 110,engine managment light and a few sparks out the back.
  5. havn't had any problems with it, its regulary checked, cleaned and oiled, ony problem was that extra chip as shown in the vid
  6. Skodas are for old Russian people who can't afford a VW.
  7. Eh, just be careful, over oiling = toasted MAF everytime. I've always heard that the intake tubing is pretty much the last thing that needs to be upgraded on these motors anyway.
  8. thanks
  9. Looks good! Do you race in any way? What year is that car, I own an 01 TDI Jetta and I wanna do minor things to that to. I was thinking chip and front mount intercooler to make it more efficient.
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    never raced, at least not on a track, want to do trackdays and a few clubnight rallies, its an 04
    Theres quite a few things you can do to your Jetta, what bhp is it? 110 130, 150, the 1.9tdi is the same block and engine but with differnt turbos and ecu's to match, which means your able to fit a bigger turbo on the oem manifold, forge would proberly make the best intercooler, but try out http://www.jabbasport.com/
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    Make sure you go to a track. It's a nice place with the right tools(extra brake pads, extra tires, extra oil, extra coolant and brake fluid) Just be prepared and you will have one hell of a time hot lapping. Just don't say you will go and don't haha...I went to my first one not long ago and plan on going again in exactly one week.
  13. yh definatly up for it, trying to find out when our local airfield does a teack day, also up for snetterton
  14. that's a lot of torque, cool
  15. thats a load of rubbish
    no old russian person would be able to handle this !!
    its a very nice car with plenty done to it !
    the owner definitly knows what he's doing !

    Next Step

    EVO VI !
  16. it is a nice car FOR A SKODA nice rims
  17. i love this skoda its a beaut even if it is owned by a ginger di*head
  18. Suck my hairy balls #%[email protected] you couldn't handle a #$%#ing lawnmower

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