Face to face today. Pooped my pants a bit

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  1. Momma bear and 3 Cubs. I was about 3 meters from them when we noticed each other. Slowly backed away. Got one false charge then we went our separate ways 20180713_102825.jpg 20180713_104210.jpg 20180713_102827.jpg
  2. Don't jump over the fence when you're in the zoo. Are you high
  3. Scouse me sir. She said she wanted a hug.
  4. When I was camping last weekend a mother grizzly and two cubs were spotted down the road. Never saw them again but overnight I heard a deep low grunt around the tent and the person next to me felt their truck get bounced around a tad bit. No damages.
  5. That's what your gun should be shooting instead of schools!
  6. Aren't you supposed to play dead or something?
  7. No. Run and climb a tree.
  8. Jump on their back and stick your thumb up their arse to establish dominance.
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  9. No, ban them.
  10. What about making really loud noises? Like if you carry around a little drum that emulates a boom sound.
  11. Honestly the best thing to do is make noise at all times. Talk loud. Whistle. Wear a bell. Anything. If a bear hears you coming they tend to avoid you. Its when you surprise them that's the problem.
    But if you do surprise them stay extremely calm. DO NOT RUN as that triggers prey drive.
    Walk/back away calmly facing them as much as possible without making direct eye contact.
    Some people say talk in a calm form voice saying "hey bear, go away, etc." But last I heard they dont speak English. So in my experience I just make calm random woh noises.
    If a black bear charges, stand your ground. Let it know you are gonna fight. Scream and yell at it. Most initial charges are bluffs and they stop about 10 feet away. But if you run, again, it triggers their prey drive. They instantly think food.
    As for grizzly/brown bear. They tend to avoid people even more than black bear. So again make noise while hiking etc. They will **** off real quick as long as they know you're coming.
    But if you do surprise them and they charge you. Stand your ground and yell as they bluff charge as well. But if they do grab you, play dead, cause if it does grab you you're fucked. So just let it happen quick.
  12. I am by no means a bear specialist. I'm just speaking from my own experience and from my friends experience.
    A true bear specialist/biologist may give different advice
  13. can a bear really tell if you are making direct eye contact?

    i got close to a cow the other day, i was too knackered to run if it came at me aswell.
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  14. On the Bear Constitution of America the second amendment states that Bear Citizens have the right to keep and human arms, and this right shall not be infringed.
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  15. Absolutely they can. And similar to dogs they take it as a challenge. But again once they charge then you go the opposite route. Be as big and aggressive as you can. Let them know they might get injured by attacking you. And they may second guess it.
  16. The only dangerous wildlife we have here is the occasional snake and a few stingy bugs. Oh and jellyfish but those are more painful than dangerous.
  17. When hiking always carry your light saber.
  18. wow what kind of beta cuck gets punked by a woman and a couple of babbys
  19. Ummm they were black. I feared for my life
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  20. And you still didn't shoot them. Please turn in your white privilege card. You'll have to work for what you want now.
  21. Didn't have my gun. Had to run. But next time......

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