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  1. I use it for marketing mostly. That's what it's made for really.
  4. Anyone who has never had a facebook is either just a contrarian and gets a massive erection from not participating in what ever is occupying the commoners of the day, or a weirdo with something to hide.

    If you had it and decided, "eh not for me" thats another story.
  5. That's kind of dichotomous thinking, but I'll bite since i can be a contrarian and, like everyone else ever, have lots of things to hide I'd feel weird about people asking me about.

    But I've never seen the Rocky horror picture show, don't think it's for me anyways. Can be said of so many things. But not joining Facebook ever can be a complicated choice or a supremely simple one also.

    You may worry that when people see you're friends with someone else they can glean things like what your place of birth is or your mother's maiden name. That's kinda out there if you ask me, but seems legit if you're privy to security clearances or something.

    My reasons are simple. I don't want to deal with the politics of why i didn't/don't add certain people i know, see, and even like but don't want to add because they have a knack for talking too much or too stupidly. They are often loved ones so why give them the opportunity to whine about it? Everyone i care about i have a mobile number for. I'm too mired in the day to days to bother with other peoples day to days anyway.

    I like twitter though. It fits much nicer into my life. Like a thin pocket knife that you actually happen to carry around and use from time to time instead of a kabar that's mostly just for show.
  6. I think twitter is the only social networking arrangement that would serve as a useful brain upgrade. Twitter for your brain. Think about it.
  7. I agree.
    The only people I know that dont have facebook are;
    - old people who dont know how to use computers
    - guys/girls that cheat on their partners constantly
    - weird people with not many real life friends
    - people who think they're cool by going 'against the flow'. Also fit into the above group of weirdos.

    Theres heaps of people out there that I wouldnt necessarily go out and hang out with.... ever, but I still enjoy seeing what their up to, and every so often I'll comment on something they've posted about their life. I dont know why people wish to cull their friends lists down to really close people all the time.
    A friend of mine did that, then exclaimed facebook is boring, and deleted it. Well no wonder when you only have 30 friends on it...

    The only people Ive ever deleted are ones that Ive never met, or met once.
    The only ones I block from my feed, are the ones that post 50 times a day, no matter what its about.
  8. I think I'm cool by not caring about it?
    Sweet, someone thinks I'm cool
  9. lot of sweeping generalizations in this thread from people defending facebook
  10. Oic. fb is a friend race. More you got the better it is. Let me jot that down.

    Race to get friends

    Weird if you don't win race

    More = better

    Meet even once = real friend

    Okay got it.
  11. The only people who compete for friend amounts are highschoolers. I say let em be.
  12. It's good for reconnecting with chicks you wanna #$%#
  13. This too. I can safely say that without fb in my life, the last 6 years of it would be completely different. Current gf I'm with started talking to me via fb. We never exchanged numbers or anything, or had any interest in each other really until we were both online at 2am and started chatting.

    ex before that found me via fb when her apartment got burglarized and she wanted my photos from the event she was at to find the guy who robbed her and her roommate.
  14. Yeah I was just thinking this, especially if you're a loner like me and you're using Plenty of Fish or OKCupid or some shit to find girls, add on fb and they can see you're real. Then go from there. It's quite a bit easier this way
  15. we need to be loners together, man
  16. Ya man, move to Canada already?! We can hang out, thus solving our mutual lonership issue
  17. Me, you and Robert in a house together

    I'm writing the pilot for our sitcom right now.
  18. Just noticed I'm perilously close to 6 figures.
  19. Ohh shit to both of those. We're going to need to many cans of canned laughter for our studio audience. Srsly tho when I eventually travel to UK/Europes we shall meet
  20. Needs a live studio ostrich
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  22. also need a wacky neighbor that barges in all the time
  23. It really is one of the best videos of all time.
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    Lol yes I was thinkin this. Who else wants in on this
  25. That conversation's akin to…

    "So, I just got back from Europe"
    "I went to the Eiffel tower"
    "And then I went to Rome"
    "That's amazing!"

    If you can't have a conversation after seeing someone's photos before speaking to them, Facebook's the least of your worries.

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