Factory Five Cobra

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Walperstyle, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. If I said I found one for sub $30,000 with about 500hp to the wheels stroked 418w engine.

    ...should I buy it?
  2. So, which iteration is it? Is it a repaired wreck or is it still sound? Is it a pile of shit or is it super clean? Does it have 8,000 miles or 800,000?

    Devil is in the details. Horespower is not enough to make up for a junker.
  3. Ive heard conflicting reports about FF. At least regarding the GTM, there were some quality control issues.
  4. ya get it
  5. I wouldn't go for a used kit car.
  6. Would love to build one of these given the time and someone with me who knows what the #$%# they're doing.
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  8. buy one with a real 427 side oiler big block engine not one with a stroked engine
  9. Because those engines are so easy to find.
  10. When it comes to kit cars, its all about what parts were used and how well it was built. Without any real information its hard to tell if its a good deal.
  11. Yes, if you have an established lifestyle.
  12. I've been in a mustang with a side oiler. It is a good engine... but these days, any engine in a small chassis is a good thing.

    Someone else snatched it up, and I can't find the video on youtube advertising it anymore.

    It was very tempting.

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