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  1. I'm not going to speculate on perfomance, but as far as the looks/ styling of the car, so awful compared to the old skyline
  2. Um, we don't even know how it looks 100%
  3. it better looks 1% of this shit
  4. I've seen worse. Honestly, they could've used a better pic. But I still prefer the R34.
  5. am i the only 1 who thinks this car looks cool
  6. what are the potential advantages in moving from an Inline 6 to a V6? wasnt the original plan to use a V8
  7. the original rumor was to use a V8, something based on the VQ45
  8. This car has BIG shoes to fill if it is to be a worthy successor of the Skyline R34. I'm not going to say much on looks, as I haven't seen enough of it, but it better perform.
  9. could'nt they have kept it true to the concept form? that car i liked. it looked like some kind of bad ass, don't mess with me spaceship. but this thing )even though we can't see all of it) looks ugly and i've got to agree with Paul91785 the one before this looked way better.
  10. Honestly it's not that bad looking. They're not really overstepping their boundaries anymore than any other car company as far as style is concerned. I know quite a few people who were convinced that the 350Z was the ugliest car they had ever seen when it was first released, but someone has to raise the bar.

    I am a little upset over the switch from a inline 6 to a V6, but I suppose it's better than wedging a V8 in something like a Skyline, and atleast they kept the twin turbo set up. I will probably light something on fire if I find out it has anything but all-wheel drive, though.

    All said and done, I don't think it'll be a bad car. Perhaps not as coveted as the older Skylines (at first), but good none the less. I'm pretty anxious to see what the aftermarket will do with it.
  11. a V6 block is half the length of an I-6.... you can move it much further back in the chassis than an Inline 6 without taking any imterior space or causing packaging probelms without making the front of the car stupidly long.... it would help with weight distribution (probably in an attempt to make it more rear-biased with respect to the weight...)
  12. Also the engine is based on Nissan's FQ engine, which is used throughout their product line, making R&D easier.
  13. "PEACE OUT, Y'ALL!" - Al Gore
  14. 50% of the time it looks better all the time
  15. now that i look at the car more and more, it is starting to grow on me, but i am still alittle dissapointed after all the hype this car got.
  16. You want a dissapointment, go check out the 2008 Subaru STi. Talk about a monstrosity...
  17. R34 still looks better
  18. the midnight blue 08 STi looks pretty bad ass, nearly bought one last summer, dealer sold the one I had a deposit on, didn't want the other ones that were available, out of spite I bought a very nice FRONT ENGINED (god a rear engine would be a mistake) V8 Porsche instead.

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