Far from a supercar, but it'll be a great car

Discussion in '2002 Ford Focus SVT' started by jkdmspec, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This is definitely not your ordinary American Ford. Just look at its lines and the interior and you have a very european-ish car. Combine that with a bargain price and some great handling characterics and it will be an instant winner. I remember when this car first came out, it was well received by nearly all the automotive press but the public stayed skeptical. But I think the public has finally begun to warm up to the focus and this SVT should drive that point home.

    I say it's not your ordinary Yankee Ford because it still continues to receive praise for its quality, build, and all around character. Just look at its recent accolades. Car and Driver 10 best list (with the likes of Boxsters, M3s, S2000s, Corvettes, etc.) Geez isn't that great company to be in? It's definitely something that the Mustang hasn't been to achieve in a VERY LONG TIME. And just in March's issue of C/D it garnered first place in a comparo with the new Civic Si and GTI 1.8T. Once again, IT'S NOT YOUR ORDINARY RUN OF THE MILL FORD!

    For the money, I think this car would be an excellent choice to put on the driveway. I believe it has a higher level of refinement and build quality has been lacking in other Ford products the last few years. This Focus is Ford's godsend, it's savior so to speak. It's set out to break all those stereotypes about Ford's lacking in craftsmanship and quality.

    Don't get me wrong, it's no supercar and wins at the stoplight and dragstrip are most likely to be few and far between. But hey it's smart, has a very sophisticated look for a car under 20 grand, sporty enough for a good run through the twisties every now and then, and a very practical car to live life with.

    OK so its looks are polarizing, you either love it or hate. Maybe it just happens to be that I like this car's styling so thus its easier to speak postively about this car. Who knows and who cares? And for those that say a Ford is a Ford and will always be a Ford...You ever believe in improvement? It's only human nature that we strive to make ourselves better so who's not to say that this is just might be perhaps the one car that can help Ford turn the corner?

    All in all people will think what they want to think. As for me, I try to look at things more open-mindedly. I've never been a big fan of FoMoCo before, but I think I just might get in line at the local Ford dealer for this one.
  2. Re: Far from a supercar, but it'll be a great car

    Yeah, this is a very nice car. I'll probably be buying my first car about four years from now (after college), if I were buying one now this would be it. This car was in the last car and driver along with the Si and GTi, and they seemed to like it the best.

    The looks... I dunno, its hard to judge the looks when you know how quick yet cheap it is. I liked the old Focus R or whatever it was called, it was a concept a while ago, silver with the black taillights, little vents behind the front wheels and such. Anyway, as long as it isnt completely butt ugly, which it isnt, i could live with it <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif">.


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