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  1. Brabus Rocket has typical Mercedes CLS class exterior. 485 cm, long, 185 cm wide, 140 cm high.

    The engine is twin turbo V12, displacing 6,2 l, which produces 730 hp.

    The weight is 2020 kg.

    This car accelerates 0 to 100 km/h in 4,0 s, 0 to 200 km/h in 10,5 s. Maximum speed is 365 km/h.

    Bugatti Galibier is bigger than Rocket. At least longer, at 537 cm. It has twin supercharged W16 engine, displacing 8,0 l. And produces 800 hp. Weight is not disclosed, although claimed to be small.

    Cadillac Sixteen is even longer than Galibier, at 567 cm. Its height, at 139 cm, is similar to CLS-class. It has naturally aspirated V16 engine, displacing 13,6 l and producing 1000 hp. The weight of Sixteen is 2270 kg.

    How do the acceleration and maximum speed of Galibier and Sixteen compare with Rocket? And which of them is the fastest 4-door car?
  2. rocket, since the other cars dont exist.
  3. Whichever car has seats that aren't made for fatass Germans/Americans
  4. The Rocket was built to be the fastest 4-door in the world. That should answer your question
  5. The first post gave me a headache.
  6. like wise
  7. let's not forget M5 hurricane
  8. Panamera
  9. Just give me an M5
  10. a8w12 or s8v10 for me
  11. I prefer handling over bloated, overpowered whales so give me an Evo or STI.

    ...although its hard not to ignore the M5.
  12. this guy has never made a good thread.
  13. i want a panamera or an s6 or an RS6 or an s8 or m5
  14. ferrari f355 estate
  15. Corvette.

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