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    Just get yuor hands on an actual nascar version of the car, had modified cam and an enormous carburator. Produced 500+ HP...the stock one was mettered back because people couldn't afford to insure a car with that much HP in the 70's. Since insurance companies knew the base HP of cars back then...
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    I believe it. A mini will damn near out handle anything. My dad had a modified mini cooper s and could destroy almost anything on the track.
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    Quote from GPC
    Who cares how fast they are in a straight line... I've seen a Mini beat one of these on a track with only 1300cc!

    You're a moron "who cares about straight line?" honestly, think about it. how many times do you pull up to a stoplight beside another potential racer and look all the way down the road in front of you? really when are you ever going to track style race your car on the street with a cop around every corner just waiting for some little mini to come shooting around a curve goin 130. (can you say cut up liscence) also with the engine this mustang has it had around 600 Hp, for all you morons 60's muscle cars were HIGHLY underrated, and it could run at the redline all day cuase it was built the same as a Hemi (another godly engine) your mini would explode after 20 minutes

    now unless your a millionare and you own bristole speedway i think you might care a little bit about straight line performance.
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    Mustang boss: V8

    Mustang Boss: 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h): 1.9 sec.............1/4 mile (0-400 mts): 10.55 sec

    Mustang boss the best US Muscle car that was ever made!!
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    Shut your mouth! The 1970 Chevelle MIGHT be able to take it, but I seriously doubt it!
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    C'mon! Do you think some bs LS6 could take on the mighty semi-hemi? Why don't you take that 454ci engine and stuff it in your 454ci mouth!
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    i own one of these and i think they are the best american muscle cars ever made.
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    i love driving this car. especially when i drive around the toronto beach in the summer. it gets so much attention cuz its so different to see one of these instead of some badly done import(i dont hate imports i only hate the ones that ppl tried to hard on and they still look like shit) cuz there r so many of them around toronto and most of them look the same- like the most common one a honda civic with rims and stickers and thats it
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    since i cant start a thread im gonna sk this her. would u ppl rather have this or a hemi cuda?
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    I find it hard to believe that you actually own one of these cars since there was only 458 ever made in 1970 at kar kraft. and alot of those were destroyed in drag racing, alot of people think there are probably only about 100-150 original ones left

    In terms of rarity
    1970 Boss 429 Mustang= 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible

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