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  2. looks rubbish
    good to see its keeping up the franchise
  3. lollerskates.
    set the next one in Australia FFS.
  4. Will watch it, even though it'll probably be shit.

    Fast and the Furious 6 should take them to Ontario. After the introductory scene they should spend the next 120 minutes going through court proceedings and getting their cars crushed.
  5. fast five is a really bad title for a movie.
  6. Vin Diesel's ability as an actor died on the streets of Nazi occupied France.
  7. 1 and 4 were atleast mildly entertaining to watch

    i obviously dont expect realism in movies like this, but im willing to give them a viewing
  8. its funny that he's in a movie with the rock; as the rock is everything vin diesel is not when it comes to archetypal heroic tough guy lead.
  9. hahh #$%# yes the rock is in it. I genuinely want to see this.
  10. Fast And Furious 6 should be in Afghanistan.
  11. I had the longest sideburns in my class photo '98 because of Rocky Maivia. He's so much fun, I'm on board.
  12. from the title i would say it would be a superhero movie.
  13. looks terrible and ridiculous but I totally want to see it
  14. yay cock diesel is back <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/cool.gif"></A>
  15. can't wait.
  16. Why the #$%# does it take place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil? The city is so densely populated and the streets are terrible, how is there even racing taking place?

    I thought the fifth one was going to take place somewhere in Europe.....

    Everyone knows that this film franchise is known for its REALISM!!


    holy shit you're a dumbass
  18. Its amazing how much the first film is becoming the "realistic" Fast and Furious movie...
  19. No, it's not.
  20. Oh, god dammit, these people need to be stopped...
  21. Its based on a true story.
  22. Why not?
  23. looks amazing
  24. So excited for this.

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