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    hey now...222 hp.
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    Wow, thats like really good. Ok, see i am deciding on buying either a 3000GT, or 300ZX, and my back up is an Eclipse if i cant get either of them. I hear so much about 300ZX that just makes me like O_O. But then again, there is 3000GT which isnt a bad car either. Can you guys tell me the goods n bads about 300ZX and compare it with 3000GT? Then, i wana add in bodykits, i was thinking about Shogun Erebuni or like Invader, but i see other nice and sweet ass bodykits too, any suggestion for which is better or watever? Also...just today i heard that a good paintjob is gona cost like 3,000.....thats not true right? see i am stil in highschool, just a junior. And i WANT either 300ZX or 3000GT, 300ZX has been a major turn on since like the plz tell me ya'll which is better and wat i should have in that car.
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    I had a NA 300zx my last year of highschool. It was the envy of a lot of people. Forget about the 3000GT because they are FWD with the exception of the AWD VR4. The NA 300zx will be faster than a 3000GT and most likely handle better because it's RWD opposed to FWD. I have only driven a VR4 but they are pretty big compared to the 300zx. The only con of a 300zx is working on it because the engine bay is very cramped, but go buy the $80 shop manual and it will be a breeze. Forget a body kit, they look good as is. $3000 sounds about right for a high quality paint job.any more ?'s
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    Hey if i was you i would go for the 300zx....i hear alot of bad things about the 3000gt i wish i could afford one and if i could id het the 300.....
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    wat is the fuel compumption like on an NA 300zx????
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    i get about 230 miles to the tank on mine. works out to about 18 mpg. mind you, these are not 2,000rpm shifts. i'm sure someone could get better gas mileage if they tried...but where's the fun in that?

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    thanks, thats premiums gas right?

    wat about the reliability and repaire cost?
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    hell yes, my baby doesn't get anything less than 92 octane. as for reliability, i just passed 70,000 miles on my '90, so nothing major has happened. timing belt was replaced right before i bought it, about $110, A/C belt broke when i was at the track, $70 (why? who the hell knows?), some bushings in the ABS siezed up, another $70. all in all it is very reliable and a dream to drive. problem is, the engine bay is quite cramped. the belts are impossible to reach from above. also, the spark plugs are kind of a ***** because the car doesnt have a distributor, each plug has its own separate coil. the car is 13 years old (this month actually) and still gets stares from people on the street, and i can still beat my friend in his 2002 WRX. i highly recommend picking one up if you have the means.

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    right now im trying to decide between a 1990 300zx and a 1992 Lexus SC400. Both are about the same price and milage.

    any suggestions?
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    yes, the lexus would be good if you are a 45 year old woman trying to be young and attractive. it would also be good for the daily commute to the office in your three piece suit. it would provide a quiet and comfortable ride, completely detached from any real driving experience. it even has cupholders for your starbuck's latte. also, the automatic transmission is a bonus, because they are so much fun. umm, no. sc400's are a dime a dozen. if you want a car that still gets stares from people on the street 13 years later, get the Z. if you want a car that will beat a 2002 WRX, get the Z. if you want a car that will provide a thrilling and enjoyable ride every time, get the Z. the lexus may have 20 more horsepower, but it is also over 200lbs. heavier. the 7.1 to 60 time for the Z is B.S. it's closer to the low-mid 6. although the lexus has more power, the power/weight ratios of the two cars are very close. besides, i can't remember the last time i saw a lexus at the track. my opinion might be a bit biased, but get the Z.
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    true, sexy styling and the manual trans. are good reasons why i would buy the 300zx over the SC400. but two reasons why im sort of leaning towards the Lexus is beacuse it has a useful backseat and traction control. TC. is a good feature to have on a powerful RWD car especially in the winters where i live.

    oh yeah, thats an automatic WRX vs. your manual 300zx right?
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    no, the WRX was manual too. i cant explain it either. all the stats say he should have won. maybe just crappy driving on his part. and you are right, traction control is a plus, because the Z is an easy car to break loose sometimes. but on cars i have driven with TCS i have usually turned it off on purpose because it is annoying under hard acceleration. but i have heard a lot of complaints about the Z in snow. the winters here aren't that bad, just a lot of rain, and about a week of snow, so its not really a big deal for me. when i first had my car out in the rain it was kind of scary, but once you get used to it its just like driving a honda accord. just easy throttle through the first part of the turn, then you can get on it again and a quick flick of the wheel in the opposite direction and you're good to go. my suggestion is drive both the lexus and the Z if you haven't already and then come back and we'll see what's up.
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    yeah, but this is 1990. have you taken a look at the 1990 integras? my girlfriend's sister has one, she is 16. enough said. don't even bring the integra type r into this. comparing the type r and a z is like comparing apples...and a z.
    (don't get me wrong, the type r is a fantastic machine)
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    its really not that fast. the '89 porsche 944 n/a, which sells used for significantly less than a 300zx, can hit 60 in about the same amount of time with 60 less horsepower!

    220 is a lot of horsepower, you viper owning fools (or wannabes)!

    the 944 turbo with 217 hp does the sprint in the low 5's.

    point proven.
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    You mean high fives. According to C&D from sept. 1990 where they tested the 300zxTT and 944turbo the Z ran a 5.1 second 0-60 where as the 944turbo did it in 5.7. the NA 300zx was not made to be a contender against the 944Turbo. The TT 300zx easily beats it.

    The 944NA is also 600 pounds lighter than the NA 300zx.

    You made no point at all.
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    go for the Z but u dont have to waist ur time on a bodykit, just get nice rims, they make a much bigger difference in looks.ive heard the 3000gt is unreliable and i think the Z looks way better. As for the eclipse, its not as fast as either it a chick car.
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    I'm a junior too and i just bought a 300zx. Its frigen fast and it gets a lot of compliments. i dont think the 3000gt gt looks that great unless it has a body kit and ive heard its not very reliable. the 3000gt is also alot heavier. i got my Z with 18's on it, orginally i was gonna get a body kit but it looks perfect with the rims. If u do get the Z, u have to get t-tops, i gottem and they r amazing.
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    yup, very cramped in there
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    I used to have a '93 Sentra, not S-ER, which came stock with 110hp. After about 3 mods I had MAYBE 125-130hp. After hitting the 120mph cut off one too many times I decided to disconnect the speed sensor and see just how fast that car would go. I had a friend follow me with his Camaro, which had a 160mph speedometer, to find out. The results? My 130hp, 1.6 liter Sentra E, which by the way was THE cheapest car Nissan made at that time, $9000, touched 140mph. Eight mph less, about half the hp, and one third the price of the Z. But I still wouldn't give up my Z for anykind of Sentra these days.
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    i'm mad the SRT-4 hasn't been considered w/ 230hp to the ground and 245 lbs. of torq and yes is it breaks 145 mph... 148mph limited and for i think 2500 u can get a stage 3 mopar kit w/ 330 hp to the ground and 350 lbs of torqe base it costs 19995 new. stock 1/4 mile 14 sec and 0-60 is 5.4 i think w/o the diff option for '04
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    thats 222 hp at the flywheel not at the wheels its about 190 at the wheels
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    300ZX For sure my friend.. No doubt...
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    Most of these postings were made before the SRT4 was released.

    All in all it's faster in a straight line. In the turns? that's questionable. At the end of the day you are still just driving a neon, which is not very refined at all when compared to the Z.

    Just food for thought.

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