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    I have just recently purchased a 90 300zx w/ 54K (non turbo). Was wondering want would be the easiest way to add additional horsepower. The 222HP engine isn't quit enough for me. I'm not much of a mechanic, so i'm not looking to do anything extremely intense.
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    It's hard to believe that the 300zx has a top speed of 148MPH. I was on a highway last night and was in 5th gear. I was going 65mph@3000rpms. Having a hard time believing that this car had over 70mph left w/o a 6th gear.
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    Does anyone know of a good website for 90 300zx parts. I was on ebay but they don't always have what i'm looking for. I need a power antenna, rear wiper motor, a new exhaust and an ashtray. Also i heared someone talking about a 80 dollar repair manual that was excellent. Does anyone have any opinions on that?
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    i also have a '90 non turbo and i love it more than anyting. best thing you can do for the NA is intake, UD pulley, headers, clutch/flywheel, exhaust, and ECU. all these will get you to about 280-290hp which is substantial. and of course there is nitrous if you want to go that way. beyond that you need port matched intake and throttle bodies, and then bigger injectors and a race ported head, which will put you up there, especially if you do decide to go with the nitrous, 420-430hp is not unheard of in these cars with such modifications. i personally wouldnt go with nitrous becaue it fries your engine and only does you good in a straight line. if you ask me it's not real horsepower. but get some coilovers, camber adjustments for the front, sway bars and tension rods, with some sticky tires, these cars are hard to keep up with even with near stock power. i took mine to the track some time ago when all i had done to it was SS brake lines, pads, and Proxes T1S tires and i spanked a corvette Z06 on hoosier slicks with almost twice the hp. on the straights he was miles ahead, but i was practically rubbing his bumper around every single turn. go to its the best z info site around, also has lots of links of where to buy stuff at. i recommend and, also they are all kickass websites. also courtesy nissan of dallas has good OEM replacement parts. i think, there's a link to it on enjoy the Z.
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    its all gear ratios my friend. the 5th gear ratio is 0.75-1, so its just an overdrive. 5th is somewhat sluggish, but the speed is going to go up much faster than the revs. the 4th gear ratio in the Z is 1-1, it's cool to watch because the tach and the speedo are parallel to each other when you're in 4th and go up at the same rate when accelerating beacause the engine is spinning at the same speed as the transmission.
  6. first car?

    Hey guys, im going to be able 2 drive in about 8 months...ive been looking around at different cars and well, the 300 z has captured my heart!...the only thing is insurance in a real ***** and my dad keeps sayin the fuel consumption will kill my pocket...honestly am i just stupidly fantasizing to have this as my first car? would it be wiser to grab a bomb until im a bit more experienced? opinions please <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Your dad is right. I started out with a 1990 grand am, which was a good car and not fast at all. Face it, all 16 year old drivers suck. Being a good driver has everything to do with experience. After My grand am took a dump (I was about 18) I got a NA 300zx 2+2. I learned more and more about car control and keeping a rear wheel drive car on the road in the rain and snow, I mastered the power that I had with it and had the money to upgrade. Which takes us to 2 years ago when I bought a 1991 300zx twinturbo. It was a HUGE step up in power which is why I drove it around stock for almost a year. Now each power gain I get requires a new learning curve.

    I would "build up" to a fast car for your own good.

    BTW: I get between 15-17 miles per gallon on my TT
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    i need help, my parents are about to get me a 1990 300zx N/A. And im seriously in love with it but i dont know if i should mod this N/A or, wait til i can trade it in for the TT model. If i do mod the N/A no turbocharging will take place. Should i mod the N/A or wait til i can get the TT? Well anyways i cant wait to hear your answers.
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    Don't bother unless it's an intake.exhaustand UR pulley. Other mods are not worth the money and net very little gains. The TT on the other hand nets HUGE gains with bolt on's alone. So do what i did...but an NA drive it for a few years and than buy a TT.
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    I don't think you're stupidly fantasizing about a zx being your first car<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> my dad bought me a '91 300zx TT when I was almost 16 and it's been waiting for me for about a year till I got my license, and now I get to drive it to school<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> I tell ya, that car does cause a sensation when the whole school sees you drivin' around in a car like that<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> Too bad it literally drinks gas.....but what can you do?
  11. Wish you could afford one? They're like only 3k nowadays!!
  12. That 148mph is incorrect, the tt can barely beat that. don't listen to the speedometer.
    An audi 1.8t has 180hp & ~190 tq & it can do like 150.
  13. It's really fast for 221 hp
  14. It's really fast for 221 hp

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