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Discussion in '1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP' started by jamesgtp, Aug 10, 2002.

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    GTP has the L67 Motor if you really want to get into it.
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    wow, you need to do your research, I have a 98 SE and I can open the hood and read the engine says 3800 series II V6 and if I'm not mistaken that would be 3.8L hmmmm

    "Ok first of all, Grand Prix SE is not a 3.8 L V6, its a 3.6, just like the GT and GTP. It also does not kick out 195 horse. The GT pushes 200, the SE is single exhaust, and only runs 160 horse. I think if you get a Grand Prix ya gotta at least go for the GT."

    Maybe you should read the owner's definatly specifies the 3.8L v6 at 195hp, 225 ft lbs...and the 3.1 at 160hp
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    i have to agree with tiger hawk. you could get a 3.8 in an SE. it was an option. stock on gt's though.
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    In the '97 - '03 generation:
    The SE comes with the 3.1l V6 and you can opt for the 3.8l, the GT only comes with the 3.8l and the GTP only comes with the torque monster 3.8l S/C.

    The new generation ('04 - ??):
    Pontiac now offers the GP in GT and GTP editions only and they dropped the coupe model. The GT only comes with the 3.8l N/A and the GTP only comes with the 3.8l S/C wich now has 20 more horses than the previous GTP (but the performance numbers are still the same).

    I have a '98 GTP
    trust me on this one
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    I just came on to read a little about the GTP because my friend wants to get one. I'm an Ford Taurus SHO guy myself, which competes with it in the same class. Half of this forum is just stuff that people say from what they know, so many thoughts confuse.. if you know what I mean. I wish people wouldn't reply if they didn't know but then who would be there to correct if they were wrong. Anyhow, the 3.8L is GM's best V6. So, just for the heck of it.. buy a GT not the GTP, buy a supercharger on ebay or just modify the motor if your a true gearhead and save some money. Otherwise, get a GTP because it's a nice, fast car.

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