Fastest car ever built?

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  1. top fuel dragster
  2. The Porsche 917/30 wasn't very fast trough corners but because it had that much power and lots of grip it accelerated VERY fast out of corners and reached high topspeeds
  3. Modern F1 cars lap faster than anything on wheels (even than F1 cars of turbo-era).

    At Nurburgring a Porsche 917/30 TC has a lap record of 0.47 min. with 172.619km/h average speed and track length 2.292 km. Michael Schumacher with his Ferrari F1 back in 2001 did 1.14 min. with 218.805km/h average speed and track length 4.556 km.
  4. yes the modern day f1 cars are a prime example of modern day technology,.. in all respects! You gotta love the people who do nothing but find a way to push the limits of cars to their true potential, and give us something to cheer and rave about.

    by the way awesome facts, and never seen thsoe before where'd you get them?
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    F1 engineers are simply incredible. Each year they're forced by regulations to make F1 cars more safe and slower and yet each year they make them faster and safer! Imagine they're restricted to use only 3 litres V10 natural aspirated engine and they say "Oh well lets output 900hp!" damn...

    These stats are on the official Nurburgring track website
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    EXACTLY!!!! thank you
  7. Too bad that F1 cars are going to a smaller V8 engine in 2005. That's been confirmed for sure, hasn't it?

    Doesn't matter though, they'll soon go back up to their quick lap times again.

    80's F1 vs modern F1 is like comparing apples and oranges.

    Even in ONE season in modern F1, they've posted anywhere from 3-5 second quicker lap times as the same tracks they raced at in the previous season!

    This due not only to car improvements, but tires have come a LONG way since the 80's. Tire technology is lightyears ahead of those days.
  8. 2006 the V8 will be in effect, 2005 is only the new Aero rule and 2 race engine...
  9. Look it up.
  10. slow! they only do 0-100 mph in 0.8 seconds, thats weak!
  11. Around a circuit (that being, it is an actual lap, so drag strips don't count):

    The Ferrari F2004, driven by Micahel Schumacher. Seriously, thats not even a disputable fact. Schumi, in the F2004, would beat any race car, modern or old, around ANY paved circuit, including superspeedways like daytona. Around most F1 tracks, it would be around 6-10 seconds faster than the 1000+ hp F1 cars of the 80's. Even agaisnt the 900+hp champcars of a few years ago, it has superior aerodynamics, tyres, chassis technology, and more than 100 kilos (220 pounds) less weight, and about 900hp itself.

    its no different to rally cars. The group B cars of the 80's had over 600hp, and no minimum weight, yet are far, far slower than modern WRC cars that weigh over a ton, and have only 300hp.

    As good as the 917 is for its day, your smoking crack if you think its faster than the F2004. And even though the FIA are slwoign cars down for the next few years, by about 2008, they'l be faster again than the F2004, even with 2.4L V8's, less aero, etc. F1 teams spend more than the entire grid of any other race series in the world, just to build 2 identical cars.
  12. A CART car might beat it around an oval, because of the less restrictive aerodynamics and a slight power advantage.

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