Fastest Car for under 8,000 us dollar

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  1. My friend is looking at getting a 'quick' car but is on a very limited budget. I'm trying to talk him into a higher mileage Porsche 944 turbo. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  2. 200SX/Sylvia maybe
  3. if he doesn't have money tell him not to buy a 944 turbo. we've all seen what happens there.
  4. for under 8k? does it have an engine?
  5. The obvious choice is a 5.0 'Stang.
  6. Fast as in acceleration/speed or fast as in total package including handling?
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  8. Nissan Maxima
  9. Maserati Quattroporte IV
  10. ya.

    i'd totally pay 8k for a Dodge Shadow.

    troll thread.
  11. no its not a troll thread, I was just short on ideas and threw that choice in there :)
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  13. not sure, good question
  14. I want to say none of those, but I can't come up with a suitable alternative for pure speed. Maybe just save up a little more for something better. Of course, you could always just go for a Miata at that price - not a dragster, but fast enough for most winding roads.
  15. MR2 turbo
    944 turd0
    MX5 turbo
    850 trubro
  16. LS1 Camaro/Trans Am
  17. I'll go with pinin and say E39 M5
  18. I feel like this is a troll comment to point out how ridiculously cheap used euro cars are in Europe. If you could get a decent E39 M5 here for $8,000 I'd be driving one, instead of that ratty Honda Civic.
  19. who cares about maintenance anyway eh
  20. You might be surprised what the car and I can both do without.
  21. I've seen 350Z's in the newspaper for 10 000 flat.
  22. LSX powered F body

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