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Discussion in '1991 Mazda 787B' started by Keygen, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Where acn I win the Ford GT40 in GT3?? I'm so lost without that car... I've done the special license test of Seattle i don't know how many times, just to feel and hear the V8 growl away down the track!!!

    And by the way...
    I got my Escude doing a full straight wheelie on the Test Course, and the top speed I reached was 913 mph... Try and click your way to cheats of PS2 and GT3.. You'll see how to do the settings for a spectacular wheelie!! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>)

    Playing the Mazda 787B now... The sound of that quad rotor engine with a stereo surround speaker system is WILD!!!
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    Actually, the fastest car in Gran Turismo 3 is the GT One Race Car. I've had it going over 1,000 mph.
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    Haha yes it is a total different experience if you have surround sound in your racing of this game. I take all the cars I really like and go on the machine test just to play with my toys(y'know, just 'cause it's quiet and all you hear is vroom <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>. Lovely sound engineering done in this game.

    Hey, are you speaking of the Gt40 ROAD CAR or the Gt40 RACE CAR :p
    Most likely the race car eh?

    Update too, I did get the escudo to wheelie up to 650mph only though. I've seen my friend do it and I think I gotta play more with the settings 'cause his would lift up in under a second span but my efforts were a slow lift off. It's crazy...turn your sound up and listen to that transmition crank to yell like a jet engine. Scare the livin' bagezees out of ya. Eyes widen, jaw drops, "wooaahh..."; you become addicted :D
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    Jeez man everyone knows about cars, it get a little freaky... yes the 787B is fast but the Escudo does go the fastest, while the FO90/S and the indy cars have the best handling and acceleration. But i raced with my friend once, i used the fully modded Escudo and he used the SPEED 12. The Speed 12 caught up with the Escudo once it hit max speed. Not sure how it happened though.
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    I don't know if you still post something here, but if you do:
    I got a list of all F1 cars from GT3, and it says there are 6 of them (f094h,f094s,f090s,f688s,f687s and f686m), and I managed to get them all except the f687s, but the list also says something about 2 "PAL" cars (Polyphony 001 and Polyphony 002)... what about those? what are they?
    Are they also F1 cars? where do you get them? Are they different from the other 6 F1 cars?
    Any help will be very appreciated
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    in GT2 the escudo was the fastest,my bro drove that mofo in the races it for a livin'... then one day the escudo would'nt move, you could fully hold down the throttle, nothing would move but the turbo <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    In GT2 my HKS Drag 180SX reached 500kph. at least it was flicking from 499 to 500 but it couldn't stay on 500. It was in arcade mode on Motorsport Land.
    In GT3 my fav car is the Speed 12. it took a while to find out how to get it though. It wins Like the Wind sooooo easy.
    I think the polyphony thing is explained by the version of the game because i have both the Polyphonys and none of the others mentioned. So i don't know what I'll get when i eventually get 100%. I think i spent too long geting golds in all my lisence tests.
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    you can get over 2000mph in the toyota GT1, u just have no front downforce,all rear downforce, max rear ratio, soften the suspension right up and away you go.
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    hey for all you people here... i dont want to tell you this but the easiest way to get hp cheapest is to get into the car you get at once you got it, go to GT AUTO, then perform an oil change and wash the car. the car will increase in hps immediately... very handy.

    my Skyline r34 has about 1056hp, but it keeps increasing, same with my RUF 3400S. anybody know why the hp keep on increasing without me tuning it anymore? i used to have another game where i had the Escudo @1800hp, but i lost my memory card.....
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    This is the fastest non-tuned no formula 1 race car in GT3.
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    Keygen, I think you mean the toyota gt-one oversteers (back wheels lose traction first) too much.
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    that's true. i've only managed 1400mph or so before i smack the wall.
  13. speaking of the escudo ive had mine at over 1 million mph after it does a wheelie and exits the track
    heres how

    settings aside first set up the car to do wheel standers

    next find where 2 clip planes converge tipically at 90 degree corners aim the car directly in center of the clip plane and hit it at about 250 mph you will break through the track for a never ending wheelie that will take you to over 1 million mph

    though like in the tortoise and the hare youll lose the race
  14. How fast have you drive in real life?
  15. This is a board for REAL LIFE cars. Not thier simulated counterparts.

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