Fastest civic?

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  1. Whats the fastest Civic with the original Civic engine block? On the quarter that is.
  2. Still driving the front wheels?
  3. jumbo shrimp??
  4. Yes.
  5. if all you're worried about is 1/4 mile, then a civic should be your LAST option.
  6. Mach 5.
  7. FACT.
  8. I'am just curious.
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    Theres a Honda Civic Hatcback on that runs 12's with low boost on or something, i dunno what the time is with high boost... But it's red with a bunch of Decals on it, i think it said it was pushing out 453 Hp, not sure havent seen it in awhile but go check it out
  10. Last years FWD champion. Its built, but the block is still the B18.

    A stock B18c1 on boost and pump gas can run 11's pretty easily.
  11. The B18C1 is not a Civic motor it's an Integra motor.
  12. theres a dude in my city runnin like 8s in his fwd civic. most deifnately Unstock tho.
  13. You are so full of shit it isn't even funny.

    Gary Gardella holds the record for the worlds fastest FWD, 4 Cylinder, Unibody Civic. It takes a ridiculous amount of power to make these things run that fast and there is nothing really Honda left about them.

    Anyway here is the real car. Gary Gardella, 93 Civic, 8.08 @ 180.66mph.

  14. NO no no! He's running LIKE 8's in the 1/4, which means add "like" 5-6 seconds to that time. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    EDIT: AAgghhh! You added a friggin page to your post after I quoted it! :p
  15. prob 1/8th mile
  16. 11's are pretty easy to get to. Price wise and just a simple bold on snail.

    10's will take some new slicks and beefed up drivetrain.

    Fullrace or something like that has a $3500 turbo kit that puts b18's in the mid 11's. I have posted this a few times now. But its just pretty impressive.
  17. Finaly an answer! Thank you.
  18. Are you friggen kidding me? 11's are "easy" to get to with a CIVIC? And on top of that price wise too? WTF are you smoking?
  19. It's as easy as throwing away all the Honda parts for costly aftermarket ones.

  20. This is the car by the way....
  21. I don't think that has the stock block.
  22. It really depends on what you mean by stock body. It still retains the Honda unibody but it's all tied together with tubes and most of the body panels aren't stock. For the purpose of the fastest unibody FWD Honda with a 4 cylinder this car holds the record. As far as something that looks like it actually came out of a Honda factory, well that record is much slower in the low 9s with no where near the trap speed of this car.
  23. I highly doubt that it has a Civic block, at the very least it is running a B18.
  24. Hey dumb f**k, you're going to be hard pressed to find any of these cars still running the B16. Why?? Because there isn't any replacement for displacement. The B18 is virtually identical to the B16 except the B18 has slightly more displacement. The majority of the parts are completely interchangable.
  25. I said stock block, but yeah, it's obviously not the stock body.

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