Fastest civic?

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  1. Well there really isn't such a thing as a stock Honda block in the world of Civic racing. The standard Honda B series has very weak internals can you can't run more than a farts worth of boost on the thing before it throws rods and splits pistons. The block itself is an open decked design which is inharently weak. As a result they resleave them or at the very least weld in a block guard to convert it to a closed deck design.
  2. i don't know about the fastest one
    but this is very nice
  3. I wouldnt say easily. I see tons of turbo civics at the strip and 90% are 13s and 12s on slicks or drag radials. If it was so easy, youde see 11s out of them more often.
  4. I've never seen an 11 second Civic running stock Honda internals. If you've got to swap internals it ain't easy.
  5. The one on the truck going to the scrapyard?
  6. Stripped 92 Civic Hatchback: $900
    B18c1 swap done professionaly: $4500
    'fullrace' turbo kit: $3,500

    11 Seconds under 10k.
  7. So your running on the stock street tires with the stock tranny, gears, and differential? Sorry try again.
  8. You left out the complete rebuild of the engine ass face. And why don't you post a link to this "fullrace" turbo kit. I find it very unlikely that it's going to run 11s on thoe junk ass parts Honda calls stock internals.
  9. Thats actually not true. A civic hatchback and a b18 can be a cheap but potent mix.
  10. And thats on a stock engine, stock compression, stock head, stock cams stock ENGINE. Ass face.
  11. No where on that entire page does it say that it can safely run 450hp on a stock Honda engine you stupid f**k.

    Incon sells a twin turbo kit for the Ford 302 that makes 1,800hp. Their page reads almost exactly like that Full-Race page does. That doesn't mean a stock 302 is going to hold together at 1,800hp on factory parts.

    You're such a f**king dumbass it is almost unreliable. You aren’t going to be able to make 450hp on a stock B series, much less be able to drive it every day. Even that ricer mag Sport Compact Car doesn’t support your bullshit. Around 6 months ago or so there was a guy with a WRX he converted to RWD. He bought the WRX after his built B18, that was only running mid 12s, kept blowing up on the street.

    You've yet to prove anything except that you're some ricer that doesn't understand what a vendor is selling.
  12. A stock engine will hold 350HP, making it VERY capable of 11's.

    I know of a guy that has a stock un-Vtec *GASP* B18 in his Integra. I dont know what turbo or "kit" he has. But he runs low 12 in brackets all the time. And could have ran an 11', but didnt want to break out.
  13. NOTE* this is with slicks.
  14. oooohhhhh 350hp, run for the hills John Force cause some Johnny Tran wanna be has an econobox that may run 12s once before spewing its guts all over the road.

    For ever shit box you find I can find a faster V-8 with ease.
  15. please die.
  16. Exactly, with the money put into the rest of the running gear and maybe getting some decent body/paint work you are almost better off getting a used SRT-4 and modding it.
  17. I doubt you'll beleive me, but I'll try and get the full mod list and timeslip. But there is a D16 4 door I know of running 12'.
  18. I was thinking more like a used F-body... FWD is a no no.
  19. I definitely won't argue with you, but if they want a turbo econo-box I think that's the way to go.
  20. wow civics haven't broke 7s yet?
    kinda funny since super stockers are into the 7s
  21. obviously, i mean they have much more displacment......

    and you people go at each other all the time becuase you can't stand civics going even a little bit faster.

    LoL lets get to the point, most people can afford civics, get the mileage and have fun... i know i did.

    i wasn't out there to beat v8s and shit. Its pretty cool that a car that wasn't at all made for racing can even be pushed to better times..... its all in fun, there is more (awe and what!???? you serious) involved in a four banger going faster, because its been seen so many times in a v8. its normal.

    now if you want some kool info, if anyone here has ever heard of SVP.
    then they will know to shutup, because these are street racers,(who also go to actual tracks of course)who build thier own cars, and drive it themselves, They are considered the fastest crew in norther califonia. The only crew that i heard of and know is faster... is of course northern cali ls1.....Now consider that the battle that i saw in person was quite amazing ... why? because SVP prides itself in using fwd 4cyl to beat v8, and even soch dx engines running 11's. yes they are boosted but hwo cares, their integra turbo beat north ls1 supercharged firebird..........ok ok its getting too long let me shortnen it... what i saw was suprisingly a close match.

    it really need to be a rematch because not all cars were present for both teams.but that said northern cali ls1 won of course, but............. only because of their damn full blown 9 second transam they had there, other than that the actual win from car to car was 6-4, six of SVP cars were faster then most of the ls1 cars, it just that SVP lost because the transam was just eating everything in site.

    not this is all just simply to let you guys know one thing, people mod civics etc. why , just fro bragging rights, i know the guys from svp personally, trust me i know they are putting riduclus amounts of power into thier machines....(btw yes some of their cars are street driven), but they do it just to shut people up, and if they say lets race for pinks? watch out beacuse they will getem most of the time. its what they are notorious for. they have an onsite tuner(which was just a tuner by his own fidlingwith cars) who will tune the car at the last minute to get everylittle bit of power.... n other words theyll run slow at first on purpose. at one meet i met the north cali ls1 crew... let me tell you, the lowest moded car they had was a 390hp camaro.... so don't get all damn redneck on me and say it was a fluke guys ,.... open your mind to facts.
    yes i would prefer to own a v8, but damn man a 13000 car that looks decent and i can afford and can still get girls....(trust me, or get a damn vw becuase girls think they are really cute... i never go so much pussy as i did borrowing my uncles VW JETTA for a month then i did looks even from riding my friends z06.

    all in all guys its simple... i can afford a civic realistically, and not loose any charm, especially in a jetta, but driving a z06 got me mixed reactions.... for one most ladys you attract are older ones and second...... a z06 is more for my own pleasure, but id rather get a lexus bmw or merc to get ladies attention, becuase thoseare the brands that most people is attainable and can afford, and the girlies know about.dunno about you guys but id rather look good and get pussy that just look good and fast but go home empty handed.

  22. They mod thier civics for bragging rights??? What do they brag about? "Hey I dropped all this money into an economy car and can beat some stock cars that are cheaper! On top of that it eats gas like a dumptruck!"
    Get a clue here buddy. Im getting a $13,000 car, guess what it is? An LS1 f-body, with 50-60K miles and mint condition. Look around, there are some deals out there.
    Mods? If I choose to I can buy a $4K rear mount turbo kit and be making 500RWHP and 460RWTQ... I can buy some slicks and maybe a 12bolt rear end and be running in the 11s.
    BTW the only "girls" your going to be getting in any civic is some latinos or ugly sluts.
    No ones saying get a Z06, but you can get a used one for under 30K with very low miles. Now think about it, get a joke econobox civic and mod it, or get an f-body (or save some money and get a Z06).
  23. Rear mount turbos are so ghetto. I know some fbody guys here that talk about them alot, and they are very ghetto people.
  24. haha, how are they ghetto? I think its a pretty cool design, no intercooler needed, the turbo is cooled by the air going under the car. More under the hood space too.

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