Fastest civic?

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by l0z3r, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. then #$%#ing do it.... unlike most people with thier civics ... they do it... you on the other hand tlak shit but can't even afford one i bet.

    anyways all im sayin is go to the races like i use to... and watch when a civic or something worst beats a muscle car.... i don't care what you say or how smart you are... people are gonna laugh at you.... thats plain and simple fool, you can talk all your shit, but unlike you im no fanboy, who does not listen to what im trying to say.

    and its simple... if a little civic beats you... you gonna go home crying, not matter what you say... for one thing, you try and talk shit to them you will have a 95% of getting your ass beat by poeple... including me.... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> in real life, because your in the streets, and running your mouth and talking shit about peoples cars especailly cars that the majority of people there own,and being not behind a computer dumbass, is not very smart.

    so remeber one thing i know for a fact if you even showed up, you would'nt even race because your afraid of getting beat or embarresed by some sleeper car somewhere there right.... thank you shutup now please.

    and thats exactly what im saying, its stupid and embarrising to get beat by a civic its that simple not matter how you wanna out it
  2. The turbo is long way away from the manifolds. Also, if you wanted to actually run big boost, you would need an intercooler. 3 feet of a pipe under the car going to the IM is not nearly as good at cooling as a front mount. The IC doesnt cool the turbo, it cools the air charge from the compressor wheel to the IM anyway. If it was a better design, it would be used more.
  3. so what they have bigger motors
    the facts remain the same
    the fastest unibody civic can't hang with a factory car from 68
    which amuses the hell out of me

  4. CarCraft broke into the 11s for under 2k
    10k anybody can do it
  5. Civic are terrible regardless of howfast they are.
  6. exactly... and the fact that alot of the street racers i know can beat most v8's is funny also.... especially when most of the v8 guys don't know what the hell hit them... thats the only thing im trying to say.

    i had a 2000 civic si, and im sorry but it was a good car to me... (mainly sentimental value)it was my first car which i financed and payed for with my OWN money isurance and everything. I was proud of it, and the civic i had wasn't raced out, (though i honestly raced it alot during a 1 year period, but after that i simply faded away to bikes. you'll be surprised at what i beat, see you gotta keep one thing in mind, i can drive, and if the other turd peels out too much in his launch because of all his torque then thats his fault, i still win its racing. They don't stop and do it again, so i have some bragging rights.

    anyways this isn't about my civic... which honestly i miss, because i met my current wife in it, and i had a lot of fun during the 2 and a half years that i owned the "gay little civic", don't get me wrong its only a civic i know, but man it was GOOD to me while i owned the little guy, and not matter how bad i beat up on it never gave me any problems, until my brother got a hold of it.......

    well thats a sad story on it's own.
  7. Most people with civics throw on a body kit and wing and call it a race car... There are very few "fast" civics out there. And in order for me to do it, ill have to get the car first. There werent too many 6 speed T/A's made compared to the autos, and the 6 speed is what im after. Dont worry though im check autotrader daily, and I have a few dealers keeping their eyes out.
    So people are going to laugh when a heavily modifed (and VERY expencive) civic beats my stock 13K T/A? (and very few street civics run below 13) (because there not going to laugh when Im running in the 11s with minor mods, taking away no drivability and hardly and fuel consumtion all for under 20K.) And if I really wanted, I could make it a full racer and strip out the interior, which is free. But no, this is a daily driver, just a fun toy to enjoy in my youth. You dont seem to understand, a stock LS1 f-body will run very low 13s all day. With just dragslicks youll be in the 12s (my friend was in his SS, yes it was completely stock)

    And again, no civic CHEAPER than my T/A will flat out beat it and still remain "drivable."
  8. I was always under the impression that Spyder and Drift King were the same person...
  9. That impression is correct.
  10. Civics are the best cars in the world and if you disagree wit me #$%# yourself
  11. Civics are da bomb!!1!!!1!1 they make like 1000hp/l with nawzzz!!!11!!!

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