fastest I-4s around?

Discussion in '2000 Lotus Exige' started by JESTERFIELD, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Hey everyone just curious if you guys think Lotus makes the best and fastest I-4s.<!-- Signature -->
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    i beleive lotus is.
    your truck sux mine can beat yours
    id like to see you pull my z71 out of your filter
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    Yeah there might not be too much left of it after I get done. Hahaha sorry Aaron, but yes I agree your GMC is niiice.<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah, Lotus, in my opinion, makes the fastest, and nicest i-4 cars around
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from TASwim05</i>
    <b>yeah, Lotus, in my opinion, makes the fastest, and nicest i-4 cars around</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    definetly the best handaling.
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    fastest on track or in speed? on track- lotus all the way but in top speed- S2000= 246km/h, MINI cooper S= 220km/h, Elise 111S= 227km/h, Ausi S3= 237km/h, 2003 Impreza STi= 235km/h
    so fastest track car yes but speed? sorry mate
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    talking about fastest i-4 production cars....i think Evo8 would be a good fight for this little bugger...
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    I just want to note it is a Toyota not a Lotus engine, same as Celica i think
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    And how can Lotus make the fastes I-4 around when they use the Rover K-Series engine?
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    whats the skidpad?
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    1.3 g's is the most it pulled around the Nurburgring.
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    The problem with that 1.3G is that it is prolly on slicks. A normal elise with road tires will do about a 1.0G. This has a better stiffer setup do I would say maybe 1.1G would be possible with the Exige.
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    The toyota engine will be used in the US version of the elise (and yes it is the same as used in the celica) the K-series is used in the elise and exige as with many other british sports cars such as caterhams, MGF/TF etc...... And also, straight line speed is nothing if you cant keep it around the corners even in the real world the exige would easily match soomething of supercar pase e.g. a 355. Whoever quoted the top speed figure has something to think about, look at the 0-60 times of each of those cars quoted and if i am correct the are all over half a second slower to sixty and have longer top gears so the exige would keep on accelerating faster and top out faster.
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    no best inline four is Honda with the F20C engin thats in the S2000, producing 240bhp from 2 liters. no to mention the K20A motor(also from Honda) found in the ITR, just tuned, it produces 250bhp.

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