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  1. I know Alot about History
    And this is a True Historical Car

    Mobsters Bought it To Outrun the Cops
    and Beat them by going 100mph
    Trust me, this was the fastest of its time

    and Mass Produced Cars Started only 25 years before

    So act Mature, realize its an old car, it was really fast
    back than

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    I will not doubt the fact that this car was fast, but it wasn't the fastest, not by a long shot. I will not include small racecars like Alfa Romeo's and Bugatti's, but limit myself to big cars like this. For one, the Duesenberg J and SJ were some of the fastest cars out there. A similarly equipped J would easily hit 116 mph, while an SJ would top well over 130 (possibly 140). This car could muster about 90-100. The Duesey also did all this quite quickly, with 0-60 happening in around 7 seconds and 100 mph coming in at only 17 seconds.
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    Fastest Road Car in the United Staes I meant
    mobsters Outran the Cops in these on the Streats
    Not on the Racetrack<!-- Signature -->
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    Duesenbergs were ONLY road cars. The Js and SJs were never raced.
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    I think it wasn't the only fastest, but the only with V16 engine.
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    Nope, Marmon made a V16 too.<!-- Signature -->
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    I seriously doubt this car was all that fast, especially from 0-60. It has a V16 engine with not even 200 hp....and it weighs over 6000 lbs...that's alot of friggin' weight.
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    Wild ride.... I wanna see it with a TT <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Hey is similar to
    And anyways the Mercedes Benz W125 Record was the fastest car of the 1930's
    Did you also know that Henry Ford didn't necassarily make the first automobile.
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    do you mean in topspeed or 0-60? Because if you mean top speed, then your wrong. even though it doesnt list it, i know that it cant get above 125mph, which is what a 1909 Benz could do. If you dont believe me, type Benz in the search engine. It's called the 1909 Benz 200HP Blitzen-Benz.

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