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  1. Believe it or not, in terms of produced road legal cars, the XJ220 hold the title.
    What about the McLaren F1 LM? well... only 5 were produced. As oppose to 250-280 produced by Jaguar.

    New regulations setting a higher limit, technically knocks the McLaren out and the XJ220 twr regain it's original title of the fastest production car in the world. Due to technicalities of course.
    the McLaren is no longer dubbed a production car, since it produced less than 25 cars.

    In the near future, it may be possible to see, a newer updated version of the XJ220. A 6.0 V12, with a 6 or 7 speed version has been rumoured to be in a possible prototype form.

    Stay tuned.
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    No there were 100 Mclaren f1 roadcars produced therefor they are production and faster than this too.
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    yes i know, but the record breaking vehicle was the LM, which only 5 were produced.
    jaguar produced over 300 of the XJ220, which nearly 200 were of the record breaking TWR version.
    I remember reading it, from autocar i believe, i know it was a british mag, saying there is a movement to take out the McLaren F1 as the fastest production car due to technicalities.
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    and this looks better aswell!
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    and to think, despite the XJ220 being so good for what it is, in terms of performance representing Jaguar.
    it is the XJR-15, holding the record of the faster 0-60 time, being 3.1 seconds.
    and to think, they did that with a virtual stock 6.0L v12 engine which you normally find in an XJS or the XJ12 sedan, with just improved exhaust, and with no limiters.
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    I gotta disagree because the Lm has a lower top speed than the f1 roadcar,therefore the record holder is the Mclaren f1 roadcar not lm,lol.But if you think you can prove me wrong go for it,show me a link or something.
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    in regard to the LM, though having the better 0-60 and more power.
    and you're right with the F1
    the F1 roadcar:
    6.1 litre, quad-cam, 48-valve V12 with 627 bhp
    top speed of 240.14mph.
    0-60 in 3.2 seconds , at 13 mpg
    is impressive, never said itsn't.
    it does beat an XJ220 in terms of stats.
    the question is the following
    total united produced? under 100 including the 5 LM versions.

    How many produced cars, does a car model need, to be considered to be a production model?
    the McLaren didn't even reach 100, while Jaguar more than doubled that.
    that part of the McLaren record is being questioned, along with the XP5 perhaps being a modified version of the F1.
    did removing its limiter no longer make it a road car? thus giving back the title of fastest road car to the XJ220.

    an endless debate...

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    Perhaps,but my understanding was that there were 100 examples of the Mclaren F1 roadcars,and they were all sold,but I don't know I could be wrong also.
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    is not the mclaren f-1 is until the bugatti 16/4 veyron is out look in the guiness book of records
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    .....and they went 240mph.I thought Xj220s only went like 217mph which means it's not faster than Mclaren F1,obviously.
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    You idiot 200 of the TWRs nope wrong kid. There were more like 5 like the LM. TWR could not afford to help out in over 200 cars.

    The LM has 0-100-0 record time, and some track times. And the 240mph run was by a standard F1 not the LM. So the TWR time is not counted in the books.

    Who ever said about the 0-60 times it still says that the Ford RS200 has the fastest time of 3.0. But the LM is said to be quicker.
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    Thank you for making that clear.
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    Dude, you're SO wrong it's not even funny. The McLaren was a production car, independent of how many were in fact made!
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    What about the road going version of the Dauer 962 LM. Isn't that the fastest production car ever?
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    What about the Koengigsegg CC8S? At least 20 have been sold, and he has oreders for 50 more.....
  16. It's really too bad, because over 60 McLaren F1's were sold<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  17. You need to have 25 or more road going examples built and soldd for your car to qualify for a production car record. The TWR XJ220 doesn't have that many, the McLaren F1 LM only has 5, the standard F1 had over 25 examples built and held the record until mid 2005 when the Koenigsegg CCR took the title, however the 242mph CCR was beaten not too long ago by the Bugatti Veyron, which clocked over 250mph.
  18. Are you retarded? The record breaking McLaren was the XP5, a regular McLaren roadcar built prior to the LM even being concieved, of which 67 were made. The LM was, in fact, slower as far as top speed goes.
  19. yea and if corvette only made 5 or 6 new Z07's would it be called production? no. besides it says 228 for the 220, what was the F1 like 230?
  20. the 962 LM is the fastest production car atm btw they reviewed this car in some video i saw i think it was top gear, they said the handling was awful and from what i saw i believe them
  21. Production car? A run of what, 11? units hardly makes production. Esepcially when it's a modified Porsche 962. It's a rad car, but it isn't quite production. Don't let AJZahn see this.
  22. the lm is said to do it in 2.9

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