fat and the furious 2

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    The Z06 costs alot more and the Neon is FWD.
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    The new one has a Skyline, an M3, a vette, a saleen mustang, a hemi charger and a yenko camaro.
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    At least the new one has some more "home grown" talent than the 1st one. I hear the movie is quite the lameness, but the chase scenes are decent. Just like the last one, except without the chance to laugh at Vin.
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    Yeah, they ruin the skyline in the first scene. Than they smash the chrger and the camarro. What were they thinking?
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    I believe it was when you said 'destoys...and gets better gas milage.' Thus the destroys, I took for 'outperforms'. Since the gas milage was a separate part of the sentence I think we can both agree you wern't talking about gas milage when you said 'destroys'. I added that while the Z06 is, in my opinion, the best car in the world, it stills is priced much higher than the S2000, which might explain the difference in performance. I also added that the neon has front wheel drive becuase, who wants front wheel drive?

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