Father raped 8 DAY old baby.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by catphish, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. I don't even want to think about it. This excuse for a human should be executed slowly starting with the extremities first. Better yet put him in a wooden crate and Fedex him to Iran (save money on the flight) so they can deal with him.
  2. Well, he looks like a bright, intelligent, promising young man, doesn't he?
  3. Actually, probably just Arkansas
  4. I wanted to say something witty here, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. This is just terrible, seriously.
  5. the baby wouldn't even have noticed, olol
  6. I thought father meant priest at first.
  7. Tons of jail, tons of probation, tons of child predator lists, and tons of vasectomies are in order for that young man.
  8. zing lol
  9. Considering the skull fractures, he probably tried to have oral sex with the baby.

    "Noxzema! Da baby is cryin' agin! Noxzema! Now where is dat #%!@? Oh well, da baby is hungry, i guess i gots to feed it. Ain't got no tits.. so..."

    *Knock* *Knock*

    "Go away, I'm busy!"


    "Wut the #$%#? Stone Phillips?!"

    "That's right, I'm Stone Phillips with Dateline NBC's To Catch A Predator. We've been watching you for some time now, did you realize that 8-day old baby you were having oral sex with, was really an undercover officer? Care to explain what's going on in your sick and perverted mind?"
  10. How about tons of death?
  11. Not even remotely funny.
  12. humans.....were sad.
  13. Oi, muppets.

    He's 180cm tall.
    The "1" is cut off the LHS numbers by the edge of the photograph.


    Also: that guy should be buried alive.

  14. he deserves to die.
  15. Wow, this guys gonna rot in hell. Can't wait until his fellow inmaites find out what he's in for. They are gonna do shit to him that i can't even say on this site.
  16. The good thing about this is that the baby won't remember anything so no psychological trauma, etc. The skull fracture sucks more, though.
  17. i knew he was black because spyder created the thread.
  18. Not only do I not understand how technically its possible, i cant understand how this retard can be in that state of mind in the first place... I hope he gets shanked in jail and dies
  19. asl
  20. true.
  21. When I was in school we went got some lessons on child abuse, if he tried vaginal sex the damaged done is almost unrepairable. Sad really. imagine a tiny baby, now imagine how much of her little body was ruined by a grown men's penis. During sex even a grown women feels pain during penetration, imagine a tiny baby.

    Anyone have and update on this story? like did the baby need any other surgiry besides the skull.

    This man in obsviously sick, or was drugged. Being attracked to a 14 yr girl is diferent to being attracked to a baby.........a whole diferent balance of sickness/freakness/horny-ness.

    He should get raped in public, in front of his "dawgs"
  22. Vaginal sex with an 8-year-old baby=not possible. You obviously don't have any experience in baby-#$%#ing.
  23. 180cm is about 70.9 inches or 5'11"

    Neither of those correspond to the numbers you can see on the right.

    If it were 80 inches, that still doesn't match what's on the right.
  24. no

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