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  1. I'm about equally fond of of all the big chains. I slightly prefer Burger King's fries to McDonalds', but I won't go out of my way to get one over the other. I've only had What-A-Burger once, but was disappointed so much by the service it was hard to isolate the food.
  2. surely Subway. I don't think of them as low fat, I think of them as high vitamins and minerals. Add an orange juice for even more healthiness. I love when they have 5 dollar footlongs, that's when I buy 6 and keep them in the fridge and I love it. Otherwise I'll go for an oven roasted chicken breast. Always the same toppings: cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickles, 3 jalapenos per six inch, and bbq, mustard, and mayo.

    I live closest to a McDonalds but it's surely not my favorite. I like KFC once or twice a year, loved Popeye's when I tried it in the united states but I don't know of them being in Canada.

    whatever it is I always ask for no onions.
  3. In N Out

    Pretty much the only fast food I ever eat.
  4. McDonald's is the same everywhwere. Thats their whole concept.
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  6. Interesting
  7. I was mostly looking forward to wheelmans response to this thread
  8. Subway is #$%#ing terrible
  9. You kiss your mother with that mouth?
  10. better then quizno's
  11. how about 5 kids burgers from mcdonalds? (mainly cheeseburger, junior chicken, or double cheeseburger. bacon cheeseburger is good too)
  12. I like Wendey's and Popeye's.
  13. Woah, no way. The Quiznos ingredients are better and their flatbread Sammies are so good (even if they have a stupid name).
  14. Chick Fil'A is very good, and halal.
  15. yeah but Quizno's went bankrupt because they still aren't as good as Potbelly's/Jimmy John's/Firehouse
  16. HOLY SHIT, POTBELLY. How could I forget Potbelly? The champion of sandwich chains.
  17. I've got a friend from Michigan who's living in SF for grad school, and when she found out there's a Jimmy John's here she flipped her shit.
  18. did she also flash her boobs
  19. Yes, but for unrelated reasons.
  20. I hope its unrelated to fast food otherwise this would be weird
  21. At first I thought this was going to be some kind of hacked "I've got a friend from Michigan who makes $1,500 per week from home and bought a new Mini Cooper. Find out how at this link." thing.
  22. ive eaten at subway once. thought it was so so
  23. Is it me or does Potbelly taste worse and worse every time you have it? When I first had Potbelly it was like god's gift to man. It was in Old Orchard Mall, where I went to highschool across the street. As I kept eating there through high school and subsequent jobs I held at the mall, that effect lessened each time, and now when I eat potbelly I barely even enjoy it. I'd take Jimmy Johns over PB right now.
  24. Maybe it's just Old Orchard? The Gold Coast location is consistently good.
  25. Nah its the same everywhere. Theres a potbelly next to my work, theres one in the glen, theres one in lincoln square. All exactly the same. I don't even remember last time I had the Old Orchard potbelly. Probably when I still worked there.

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