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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Mar 13, 2014.

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  2. imagine taking the inner core of some iceberg lettuce, wet it, then eat it. that's the flavor I love from subway. you people and your green peppers and onion probably get that taste drowned out.
  3. Yeah, five guys is probably my fav.

    They just do one of the meanest burgers around, I mean I have had better but for the speed they get it to ya I still consider it fast food.
  4. oh ya, for real.
  5. I found out through FB recently that there are a few Five Guys locations in London now.

    I should go there next time I'm down for the day
  6. I feel like a lot if people hate on sonic but I like it. Not my favorite but it's good. I think their burgers are average but good onion rings and tater tots and pretty much any flavor drink you can think of
    Whataburgers good too but it's only realy in the south.

    But I agree about five guys. I pretty much just like any burgermace where I can get a burger with just about anything I want on it and has Cajun fries
  7. We ordered Burger Ranch today and it was pretty awesome. And overly expensive for a shitty burger.
  8. I ate at popeyes a couple of days ago. That was the worst fastfood ive ever had. Bar none.
  9. Popeye's is the best. It's probably terrible outside of the US though.
  10. It's so god damn salty

    The biscuits were pretty good though.
  11. I prefer A&W personally, but I can't wait to get a poutine at my local joint called Chez Monique that's closed for winter. The poutine there is mm mm good!

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