Favorite high performance/supersedan of all time?

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by 09 challenger owner, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. The supercharged E55 AMGs still hold a special place in my heart.
  2. e39 m5
    previous gen audi rs6
  3. awesome thread.
  4. Has to be the Novitec Quattroporte of the modern ones
    Old ones, too many to mention. Jaguar Mark II would be prime example.
  5. Lotus Carlton
  6. Ya E39 M5, can't get more perfect than that
  7. B7 RS4 or maybe the RS2 (though it was an Avant not a sedan).
  8. Audi RS2 if you allow it
    Vauxhall Lotus Carlton
    Mercedes 500E
    BMW E39 M5
  9. oh yeah love the opel lotus omega as well.

  10. WRX STI is my love, but the M5 is THE supersedan
  11. Difficult decision for me. I voted other.

    E39 M5
    E55 AMG
    B7 RS4
  12. My Buick Regal LS.
  13. The AMG hammer will always have a special spot in my heart...
  14. Whats up with not posting the RS6 sedan?

    Anyway the RS6 5.0T V10 is defenitely my favourite!
  15. Holden VL Commodore.
  17. Another vote for E39 M5.
  18. 300 sel 6.3
  19. Quattroporte is probably the best looking 4-door ever made. And easily the COOLEST.
    I also love the M5 - all generations! And then I have had a lot of fun in the E55 AMG (w211. great car with an awesome sound!
  20. I cant help but thinking the 2 door versions of all these cars, M5 aside are better.
  21. m5 all the way

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