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Discussion in 'Trucks and Motorcycles' started by Mott Power, Sep 4, 2004.

  2. You need to learn of some more motorcycles...

    The 999R is a $30,000 homologated race bike, the R1 is a $11,000 production street bike. Which makes it more ironic that the R1 can out perform the 999R.
  3. well you can't really call the R1 a "street" bike like you'd call a roadstar a "street" bike. while the R1 doesn't race in WSB as a factory team, there's still a lot of "race" in that bike. in fact, earlier this year, the superstock R1's were running close times to the honda factory superbikes at daytona. makes you wonder just how much street is in such a bike...
  4. Turbo Hayabusa.
  5. Ducati 999R, my favourite bike.
  6. I would take the R1, instantly.
  7. "You need to learn of some more motorcycles...

    The 999R is a $30,000 homologated race bike, the R1 is a $11,000 production street bike. Which makes it more ironic that the R1 can out perform the 999R."

    Well it's the best of both worlds, japan and italy. I would have gone with the new MV F4 1000 S as a more reasonable roadbike to compare with but not too much is known about its riding characteristics. And the 999R is actually more suitable for the road than the older 998R was, softer suspension setup with the ohlin's, lower pegs, etc.; many mag reviews have said that it performs nicely around town, similar to the R1.
  8. The 999R is over priced, over rated, Euro Trash.
  9. 999r.

    If I had money to burn I'd get one over an r1. But Otherwise I'd go for the r1.

    The 999r is very nice. But then for that price I'd rather hvae the mv augusta. Its sexier.
  10. This thread is already pointless with the number of people voting R1. I don't think anyone has shown me they know a thing about bikes. Thats like saying you'd rather have a Supra over a Gallardo! People who understand art know better.
  11. Oh yes, I forget the passion that comes with every Italian motor vehicle that justifies its excessive cost, poor reliability, and worse performance.

    It’s pretty ridiculous that a $30,000 barely legal race bike like the 999R makes less power and is slower than a mass produced product like the R1. It’s even sadder that the R1 has considerably better build quality than the Ducati that costs three times as much.
  12. the R is hand built, the r1 is built by japs
  13. Who gives a shit if its hand built when the build quality is poor and the quality of the parts is garbage.

    If that’s what passes for being hand made in Italy now then it makes me ashamed to be half Italian.
  14. I think your half sicilian, which means your a quarter n!gger, you have just explained why you know nothing yet talk louder then everyone else!
  15. You've yet to explain how a bike that costs three times as much, with less power, less performance, and worse build quality is better.
  16. because it takes passion to run it...From changing the oil every thousand miles to washing it by hand, or learning to fix it because you want to...Italian bikes have their faults(my brother had a Ducati) I would wash and wax it by hand, not for money, but because i wanted too! japanese bikes run for thousands of miles with out needing new oil, they might not even break the whole time you own it, but i'd be damned if i spent 5 hours washing,waxing and looking at it!
  17. What are you stupid?

    Facts are facts. The Japanese bikes walk all over Ducatis, in almost every aspect. Noone cares if you get a hardon washing anything.
  18. The sensible choice would be the R1, 2002 version especially. Whouldn't mind washing it everyday either <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    But then again, it would be nice to own a 999R
  19. your points make no sense. .and your stupid
  20. oh yeah thats why ducatis have won world superbike every year since the early 90's and the stupid SBK!
  21. I like the Yamaha better, even though Ducati has more prestige... but I dont like the looks of the 999R.
  22. Ducatis looks better but after that, meh.
  23. Ducati only won because the rules favored their engine design. V-Twins were allowed 1000cc while 4 cylinders were only allowed 750cc. It wasn't until 2003 that 4 cylinders were allowed to run 1000cc engines and it was hardly likely any Japanese manufacture was going to win a championship on new untested engines.

    In current standings the number #2 bike is a Honda who is only 3 points down from the current class winning Ducati.

    The cold hard reality that is clearly demonstrated on the street is that the inline 4 cylinder is the better engine design.

    Which is why you can’t explain why a $30,000 Ducati can’t out perform a $11,000 Yamaha on the street.

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