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  1. You said it yourself, 1000cc are allowed for all and they still can't beat them! Ducati's handling is years above Japanese bikes...My brother had a ninja before he had his Duke, and he said the ninja was plain scary, especially throttle response and the powerband. I myself don't like 999 as much as a 916, but it still is a work of art! Atleast say "I'd take the 999 and sell it and buy an R1", not the R1 is better.....
  2. honda managed to win with the vtr v-twin. with colin edwards.

    AND there really arent many other bikes on the grid that arent ducati's.

    I also believe that the 1000 4 cylinders still have certain restrictions.

    As for the bullshit poor quality crap. It was actually some AMERICAN investors in Ducati.

    They have improved HUGELY. And the adjustments on the ducati are much greater then on a stock R1. They have better quality brakes and suspension then a stock R1. That said you could easily get the R1 upto spec with less money then the initial outly for the ducati. The new ducati's are much much much better then the old ducati's.

    The R1 may be faster, but chances are most people arent gong to be doing much different on either one. So I dont think it really matters.
  3. That Texas company no longer has the biggest share in Ducati....The Italians do...

  4. Well it was the yanks that made the ducati BETTER. much BETTER.

    Just liek the germans made Lamborghini better. :D
  5. Better meaning reliability? I guess so, but they loose there way doing so. It seems the big companies just give them a CAD machine and tell them to have a go(with big backing $)
  6. Bullshit.

    Your Anti-American bias is astounding. Ducati had quality problems dating back the the 1980s.

    In fact it wasn't until 1996 when those AMERICAN investors bought 51% of Ducati and put money into the company that anything began to happen. These investors brought with them $113,000,000 and forced a make over of Ducati paying off their debts from their former parent company Cagiva SpA. New parts vendors were found and the operation was completely reworked.

    As a result, Ducati was able to expand its sales from $200 million in 1995 to $363 million in 2001, up 7.3% from 2000, according to the company.

    So suck my big fat American dick you stupid peice of brain washed shit.
  7. I would take the yamaha though because 1000's are supposed to give you that "wow!" feeling when you walk off of it, the duke is fast but it doesn't have that sensation after pop your feet back onto the pavement. the yamaha thrashes through the corners and straights with strong agility and keeps you grinning well after you have gotten off the bike. I can see the pride in owning the duke and the build quality, etc., but if I want something to make my heart pound like a liter bike should, give me the yamaha... and it looks better, especially in the 2 tone silver.

    P.S.- FastBikes new issue has a Ducati 999R and Yamaha R1 comparison, i suggest you all read it

  8. The 4 cylinders have weight and air restrictions.

    V-twins sound better. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> Have more lowdown grunt so are good in the rear world on the road.

    V-twins arent as fast.


    Because twins have more moving mass in the engine so it cant rev as fast. They tend to produce more torque but at lower rpms. The v-twin might have same top speed but will weigh more and ahve more punch OUT of the corner.

    Anyway. I like both. But I'd get an mv augusta over a ducati but my next 1000cc bike will probably be a jap bike. Well almost certainly.
  9. Holly #$%#en shit are you on drugs.

    Anti-american bias?

    Did you even read what I posted?

    "It was actually some AMERICAN investors in Ducati.
    They have improved HUGELY."


    "Well it was the yanks that made the ducati BETTER. much BETTER.
    Just liek the germans made Lamborghini better. :D"

    Yeah that sound really anti-american to me. you freaking retard.
  10. haha, i love how people get pissed off over this shit, hahahaha

  11. well thats cause you have no passion you queer.
  12. I've loved motorcycles for years and read every magazine I can get my hands on, have over 100 mags on them and read every one. just cuz i don't get pissed off easily doesn't mean i have no passion....... queer
  13. P.S.- I keep my window open in my bedroom every night so I can listen to the bikes on the freeway a mile away pop wheelies and tear off at 150 mph +, makes me sleep. If thats not passion than I don't know what is
  14. I wouldn't say the americans made it better, just money backing....Like Volvo or jaguar etc....Money in money out, but Volvo's are still made in Sweden just like Ducati's are made in Italy.
  15. The way you arranged your wording strongly implied that the american investors were responsible for the (alleged) crappiness of Ducati.
  16. Looks:

    Overall..i don't know, im not a biker, i'll take the Ducati, fast enough and looks good.
  17. and to add to that, the honda sitting 2nd in the standings is NOT a factory team: ten kate honda with rider chris vermeulen. PLUS they're only 3 points out of first. in fact of the the big 4 jap companies, only honda had a recent factory team in wsb. and that team with colin edwards kicked ducati ass. the friggin VTR was so good it won it's first race if i recall correctly.

    in moto gp, honda and yamaha are kicking ducati ass. yamaha and rossi have stepped up big this year. at least last year ducati were making waves. this year they're eating jap smoke and fumes...

    PS: yeah i know rossi really carries the yamaha, but even checa is doing better than the top ducati (capirossi).
  18. fair enough.
  19. fair enough. I meant that the americans who bought it turned ducati around and improved things a LOT. a #$%#ing lot.
  20. I like the Ducati sound over the R1, but R1s last 50% more.
  21. It's pretty obvious you don't know what you're talking about. My girlfriends dad has a 2000 Ducati 998 and he hasn't had a single problem with it yet. He rides the shit out of it too.
  22. yeah but its usually the race modified bikes that have the problems, not the original road bikes, with track specified components, everything from the ohlin's suspension to brembo brakes and titanium valves, they are all orginally not made for the bike. but then again ive heard even bikes like the ducati 748s have problems, so its not just the r's. however, they do ride like a dream.... would still take an R1 tho
  23. mv agusta f41000 tamburini is my favourite bike - and for no good reason.

    but the 999R is a better bike - yes an R1 is faster in a straight line and it is a great handling bike no question but it is not better handling than an 999R. and styling is subjective - i actually can't decide between them - both great looking bikes. and a 999R will go around most race tracks quicker than an R1. though i agree with the R1ers that the inline 4 is a better design than the twins, especially seeing the 4s are now making more torque than the twins as well, but twins apparently have better mid-corner balance, but then again i have just started learning about bikes. but ducati are trapped into the twin arrangement, i think a 4 cylinder duke would be perceived as a sellout. anyway if it successfully buys aprillia it can use that brand to launch an attack on the jap fours as aprillia don;t have a strong roadbike history anyway - although the mille rsv is sweet.
  24. ducati have already revealed that a V4 not unlike their motogp V4 is in the works. too bad the bike is supposed to be an uber bike with an uber price. basically the V-Twin as a race bike is DEAD. once wsb and ama allowed 4 cyl with 1000cc displacement, the ducatis and aprilias died big time. in ama, the 4's dominate no question. in wsb as said previously the ducati leads only by 3 points. and that ducati in question is a factory backed team. the honda in 2nd is NOT a factory team.

    piaggio already bought out aprilia so don't hold your breath on a ducati-aprilia powerhouse. in fact ducati has had a long history of financial troubles.
  25. Twins are also heavier.

    And if your talking about stock R1 vs stock 999r yes. But the 999r has a lot done to it. You upgrade the R1 a bit and sorry but the 999r has no chance.

    In the world superbikes the 4's are restricted still. by weight and air intake.

    You look at any unrestricted superbike comp around the world. Twins are not in it. In aus there is a v-twin specific comp. that is seperate from the superbike comp.

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