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Discussion in '2000 Lotus Elise 111S' started by kleatz, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. 111, 49, 135R? Which is your favorite Elise curretly in production.

    I gotta go with the 135R, but that will shift to the US spec Elise the instant they are available.
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    The 25, 49 and 79 are just paint jobs that have been applied to a few different models in the Elise range.

    The 135R is a great car but you will not enjoy its abilities on the road. If fact I think it was EVO that said you would only get about 10% out of the car on the road. Its main purpose is for the track.

    The Elise that is to grace the US has not been announced yet so it is difficult to make any predications on it. If it does have the Toyota engine then while it will be up on power. It is worth remembering that the Toyota VVTi engine is bigger and 40Kg heavier than the K-series engine. If they go for the Honda engine like some people seem to want then it is going to be 70Kg and again bigger than the K-series. Some of you may ask why this matters and the answer is that with all the extra wait for crash protection and the bigger engine you are losing the one key aspect that the Elise does well and that is its cornering ability.
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    Some people prefer the nostalgia of the different models.

    That doesn't change the fact that I love the car.

    I believe they are going with the 1.8L Toyota, but at least the engine placement isn't at the front. The thing that annoys me is the idea of a heavy crash bar at the front, which will make the biggest impact on the handling.
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    My dad just bought this car last year and i got a chance to drive it, it is the FUNNEST thing in the world. Great handling!!!
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